I Dreamed a Dream of Apples and Horses.

In the last two weeks, I’ve seen 2 concerts and 1 musical. To active members of society, this may seem like nothing, but to me, it was a big deal! I felt like a cultural participant. I enjoy reminding myself that I am inspired by performance and theatrics. Spend too many nights at home, excitedly watching back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars and you can forget that you get just as excited (OK, MORE excited) by actually leaving your house and watching people put themselves out there, sharing their talents for your entertainment.

On Thursday of last week, I went to see Fiona Apple with my lady friends, Danica and Kari. We had a delicious dinner at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village and head over to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to watch a short-haired Fiona play herself like a drum and belt out emotionally distressing ballads with a young cowboy called Blake Mills. I loved it all. Here’s a video, so you can pretend you were there with us. (Just think of us as the unidentified elderly woman sitting on the couch).

The next night, my parents rolled into town to see the Ian Anderson concert at Massey Hall. Ian Anderson is the lead singer, flautist and merry man of Jethro Tull, everyone’s favourite 1960’s British progressive rock group. Jethro Tull has been a constant staple in my musical upbringing- My Dad has been playing Jethro Tull in our house since I was a wee lass and my love for them has gone from childhood ignorance to teenaged, eye-rolling, reluctant head bobbing to a completely shame-free love for not only the band but also the warm and fuzzy nostalgia they come with. Listening to them is like watching a personal performance in my head of my dad galloping across the living room on an invisible steed bellowing “Heavy Horses” at the top of his lungs. So, it reminds me of home and our own personal Cameron brand of theatrics that runs in my blood.

Then, this past Friday, Jamie and I went to see Les Misérables at The Princess of Wales Theatre. As a theatre kid, I have been listening to the Les Mis soundtrack practically my whole life, but had never ever seen it live. I recently, saw the movie, enjoyed it, but knew the live performance had to be better. I was right. I cried in the first 5 minutes from the sheer intensity of the performance coming out of the gate. Then I got a hold of myself and only cried when it was absolutely necessary and unavoidable – so 4 more times during the show. And if you know me, you know that normally, I’m a stone of emotionless objectivity…just kidding, that’s a complete and total lie. But in this case, it really was totally warranted. Jean Valjean and Éponine were my favourites. Everyone was great, but those two punched me in the face with theatrical intensity.

Every time I see someone on stage, baring their souls, I get inspired to put a little more effort into my own life. I ride on the wave of those shows for weeks afterwards, always a little bit jealous that they’re the ones on stage…

UGLY: The legroom in the wings of the Massey Hall balconies. SERIOUSLY.

AWESOME: Getting pumped to maybe jump back on the stage myself…scaaaary. Also getting pumped for my Halloween Vegas trip!! So soon!

CATS who read.

Happy real and actual autumn!

This weekend was so full, I didn’t even get to my treasured fall decorating. I didn’t even attempt to pull the box out of the closet.

Friday was planning an upcoming Vegas Trip with some lovely ladies. I’ve only ever been for work, so I’m pumped to go for fun. We drank wine and ate pizza and decided who our alter egos would be. I’m Olga, a Russian veterinarian who sells horse tranquilizers (don’t worry, they’re just Mentos). I’m excited to shed my nerd persona for a weekend, break out the old content lenses and buckle up my stilettos. It will be a strange and exciting change of pace.

Saturday, we celebrated my lovely friend, Cristina’s housewarming in Guelph. I ate too many chips and dip and little hotdogs wrapped in bacon. I love finger food. Her house is amazing and it makes me feel like people my age are becoming real adult people and it is terrifying. But it also makes me excited for future things like houses and spaceship washing machines and “Guest Bedrooms” (whodathunk).

Saturday night, I went to Jamie’s office (Aircastle headquarters) to watch a screening of the documentary they’ve been working on for the past couple years. I think it came out great and I’m so proud – it’s called Amin Amir and it’s screening on September 29th at the Edmonton Film Festival. If you live in Edmonton and love AWESOME STUFF, you should go see it.

Sunday was a chock full day of activities. First, brunch at Brownstone with Kari, then off to see CATS on it’s last day of performances (Did you know it’s based on a book of poetry by T.S. Eliot?!). I had never seen it before and Kari was melting with nostalgia so it was good fun had by all. Then we went on a bit of a walkabout and found ourselves accidentally in the middle of The Word on The Street festival. Last year at the festival, Kari was reading aloud from her amazing novel, Margaret And The Moth Tree. This year, we pretended to be Shakespearian characters and received free naughty novels from the Toronto Romance Writers (SAUCY).

So now I’m at home after a sweaty at-home TWERKout, about to enjoy some Football and Indian food with Jamie WHO IS ACTUALLY HOME BEFORE 2 IN THE MORNING OMG (It’s been a busy couple of weeks).

UGLY: My non-seasonally decorated home!!! 😦

AWESOME: I bought a pair of 10 lbs weights so my at-home workouts now consist of me becoming A BOSS.

The Circle of Life

So, I just woke up from a 3 week long coma!
That’s why I haven’t been blogging…because of the coma. Except somehow I appear conscious in all my pictures. It’s a miracle?

Now I’m just confusing you. I admit I have no good reason to abandon the world of blog except that I feel like I’ve been insanely busy. Maybe I actually haven’t been, but I feel like I have!

We are departing on our Europe adventure 7 days from today. 7 DAYS. I’ve been driving Jamie up the wall with my anal planning and stressing about the LEAST important things in history. (I’ve never worked so hard to buy a pair of shoes in my life). I think this stems from the fact that I consider this to be my first real sunny-time vacation. Ever. I’m sorry family, but 7 days in a minivan driving to and from the maritimes only partially counts as a vacation. This will be my first time outside of North America, my first time adventuring in another culture (Again, Halifax doesn’t count…) and the first time in I’ve ever taken this much time off work (unemployment doesn’t count, right? Not really a vacation…). So I’ve accidentally put all this pressure on myself to make sure it’s perfect. Which is silly. Jamie attempts to calm the crazy me but I don’t blame him for silently moonwalking out of a room when he senses I’m about to talk about YET another bathing suit option. I envy his ability to escape my brain.

So anyway, in the midst of sabotaging my relaxing vacation by turning all my muscles into searing pain balls of tension, I’ve taken loads of photos which have been patiently waiting in my camera to be rescued! These include pics from Jamie’s 27th birthday in April (Cinco de Mayo themed!), from Dan’s and my road trip to Kingston for Easter, Jamie and me trying out Barque (new BBQ restaurant in Roncy!), being athletic at the Spring Sprint for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and my night out to see The Lion King with my lovely lady, Meley and her friend, Nameer. SEE! I HAVE BEEN BUSY!

I will post again before I leave to say Bon Voyage, but then I think I’ll be out for the count until June when I return. If I do blog, it means we’ve been befriended by Russian millionaires in France and I’m using their Wi-Fi.

WHY do I obsess over such insanity? I swear if you tossed me out a plane with a small backpack of necessities, I would be perfectly happy. But when given the opportunity to bring more, I must make the perfect decisions as to what is packed and what is not. It’s like I’m holding auditions at my house for who can come in the suitcase. Not everyone can come, and everyone has to write a 1,000 page essay as to why I should bring them, then I read all those essays and mark them based on a standardized system and only then do I decide what gets packed. LOONEY BIN MATERIAL. (I don’t actually do that…)

I’m giddy with anticipation. Europe is upon us.