When I Compared My Christmas Tree To A Puppy.

It’s that time of year again! The time of year I walk aimlessly around the city looking at all the twinkly lights and anticipating decorating my own little blank canvas of a home. Last year, I purchased a bunch of Holiday decor because it was our first Christmas in this apartment and I wanted to take advantage of the little bit of extra space we have now. This year, I tried to re-use as much as possible and the only new things I bought were the plants for the porch and the new candle holder from Kitchen Stuff Plus (it was on sale…).

Jamie and I followed through with our annual tradition of decorating the tree while watching Sunday Night Football and I tried to make Christmas Sugar Cookies! The cookies were a success in general, but I absolutely failed on the icing front. I accidentally made the icing too thick so it was giving me a super hard time due to my tendency toward culinary ineptitude. I finally got my icing contraption to work and spent 15 minutes icing the trees. By the time that was done, I was losing patience on the snowflakes and by the time we got to the gingerbread men, I could barely motivate myself to make more than a face blob on each one. Regardless of their ugliness, they were still delicious so I count it as a flavour win, presentation fail.

UGLY: The horror-movie gingerbread monsters.

AWESOME: It’s Christmas!!! (obviously). Being in this house with twinkly lights and festive candles makes me excited about walking through my door every day. I’m pretty sure I turn on my tree lights with the same enthusiasm one would exude when meeting their puppy at the door upon returning home.

CATS who read.

Happy real and actual autumn!

This weekend was so full, I didn’t even get to my treasured fall decorating. I didn’t even attempt to pull the box out of the closet.

Friday was planning an upcoming Vegas Trip with some lovely ladies. I’ve only ever been for work, so I’m pumped to go for fun. We drank wine and ate pizza and decided who our alter egos would be. I’m Olga, a Russian veterinarian who sells horse tranquilizers (don’t worry, they’re just Mentos). I’m excited to shed my nerd persona for a weekend, break out the old content lenses and buckle up my stilettos. It will be a strange and exciting change of pace.

Saturday, we celebrated my lovely friend, Cristina’s housewarming in Guelph. I ate too many chips and dip and little hotdogs wrapped in bacon. I love finger food. Her house is amazing and it makes me feel like people my age are becoming real adult people and it is terrifying. But it also makes me excited for future things like houses and spaceship washing machines and “Guest Bedrooms” (whodathunk).

Saturday night, I went to Jamie’s office (Aircastle headquarters) to watch a screening of the documentary they’ve been working on for the past couple years. I think it came out great and I’m so proud – it’s called Amin Amir and it’s screening on September 29th at the Edmonton Film Festival. If you live in Edmonton and love AWESOME STUFF, you should go see it.

Sunday was a chock full day of activities. First, brunch at Brownstone with Kari, then off to see CATS on it’s last day of performances (Did you know it’s based on a book of poetry by T.S. Eliot?!). I had never seen it before and Kari was melting with nostalgia so it was good fun had by all. Then we went on a bit of a walkabout and found ourselves accidentally in the middle of The Word on The Street festival. Last year at the festival, Kari was reading aloud from her amazing novel, Margaret And The Moth Tree. This year, we pretended to be Shakespearian characters and received free naughty novels from the Toronto Romance Writers (SAUCY).

So now I’m at home after a sweaty at-home TWERKout, about to enjoy some Football and Indian food with Jamie WHO IS ACTUALLY HOME BEFORE 2 IN THE MORNING OMG (It’s been a busy couple of weeks).

UGLY: My non-seasonally decorated home!!! 😦

AWESOME: I bought a pair of 10 lbs weights so my at-home workouts now consist of me becoming A BOSS.

There’s No Business Like Snow Business.

Oh hay there, friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been slowly burrowing my way out of 9 feet of snow.
I’m not complaining, though. I love the look of brand new, sparkly snow, especially this year now that I have nice high boots to trudge around in. Snow is so much more fun when your socks are dry!

So, a couple of weeks ago, we had a wee Superbowl party which was Superfun (seewhatididthere?) and it covered my lentil quota for a month. We were eating chili and dip for DAYS afterwards. It also gave us a chance to have a SuperSlumber Party with our favourite super-couple Brodie and Ashley. I love when they come to visit. They make me want to be healthier. I took four pictures, because I am an amazing and dedicated blogger.

This weekend, the snow looked so purty that I took myself for a little walk to the park where I watched children and dogs play in the snow and then left because people were starting to stare at me suspiciously. Probably because I kept taking pictures of myself smiling like a fool. Over and over again.

On Sunday, my Supergood friend Celeste and I took advantage of our old-money heritage Groupon coupons and took ourselves to the Windsor Arms for brunch. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Windsor Arms, but it’s where fancy rich people go to have high tea and probably sell their fur (that is what rich people do, yes?) We made up a back story which was that I was a Scottish famous blogger and Celeste was my hip friend from LA. I don’t know why we needed a back story, but it did add to the overall enjoyment of the day. It was soooo yummy, I wish I had 8 stomachs so I could eat more. The dessert table was craziness and it looked like a scene from a Graeme Base book. After we were done, we ran around gallivanting through the hotel because that’s what respectable people do at The Windsor Arms.

All in all, I feel like it’s been a fun couple of weeks, not so stressful, a nice change from the ordinary. The next few days marks Jamie and my Valentine’s dinner and the Family Day long weekend where I hope to relax and do something interesting!

Ugly: My team lost the Superbowl 😦

Eating 70% dessert for brunch.

Holiday Hiatus?

Weird post, weird week!

So, I arrived in Toronto to spend some excellent quality time with Jamie’s family and had a great few days. We went to the gym (once…), ate leftovers and terrible treats and most importantly, spent time laughing and being silly together. Jamie and I were planning on driving back to Kingston on Saturday to continue Christmasing, after Jamie’s uncle Phil had left. Come Saturday, my poor Mom and Dad called to say they were both very sick with a gross flu that EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE HAS. Jamie was also sick with the cursed disease, so we hunkered down to spend some intense lazy, restful flu-cure time inside. I made it my mission to cure him of his ailments (and I was pretty happy to be doing nothing I have to say) and we had a great day of Upstairs, Downstairs (the new one), movies, ham and eggs, leftover turkey, and chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for dinner. It was actually the best. Unfortunately, I woke up today with the exact same symptoms everyone else had before they were launched into flu time city, so although I feel OK now, I worry it’s only a matter of time before the thing takes me down. So this pause in Holiday momentum has caused my brain to think that Christmasing is over, when in fact, it will start again once we get to Kingston on Monday. So I’m considering this weird limbo my Christmas hiatus.

During this hiatus of nesting and snuggling in blankets and tea, I also spent some time thinking about the current state of my apartment decor and how pretty it is now with all the Christmas decorations. Come January, I’ll have to put all the Christmas away and go back to real life, which makes me sad and in the market for ways to spruce. I started putting together a design board for my Living room, beginning with the elements I already have and know I won’t be losing any time soon: Brown couch (although less fancy than the one on my board), brown and beige walls, exact rug, exact bookshelves, brown dresser thing and ottoman. After I stuck in the basics, I started adding little accents that I know I either already have or can get for cheap. All of a sudden, I had this cool little design board which I’ve shared with you today, because for unknown reasons, I took absolutely no pictures in the last 4 days. I can’t believe I didn’t even document the chocolate chip pancake dinner. I am ashamed.

Forgetting to take bloggy photos! Throat burn, sniffle nose.

The recent days of extreme laziness have been amazing, despite my getting ill.
Even if I don’t end up realizing my little design board dreams, I had so much fun making it, I’m going to do the same thing for my other rooms!
Going to Kingston tomorrow for continued family time and New Year’s Eve shenanigans (hopefully neither of us will be too ill for shenanigans)!

Brown Living Room
Brown Living Room

7 Years in Tibet (or Collingwood)

A couple weeks ago, Jamie and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. Yep. CRAZY!

We escaped the city to the Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood for a romantic, relaxing weekend of book reading, fire snuggling and food eating.

It’s the exact same trip we took 6 years ago when Jamie planned a surprise weekend away for our 1 year anniversary. Only this time, we are old.

We didn’t plan anything except our fancy dinner Saturday night at Oliver and Bonacini, so the rest of the time was filled doing exactly what we wanted to, whether that was reading our books in the hotel room next to the fire whilst listening to Christmas music, or going for a walk around the “mountain” or being illogically happy about getting festive Starbucks in the jolly red cups. It was the perfect weekend of complete and awesome nothingness.


My hair. The weekend was so relaxing, I chose not to wash my hair which I felt at the time would be too strenuous.

The super awesome anniversary present Jamie bought me (a Giants jersey with Eli Manning’s number) and finally drinking our special magic wine saved from our 5th anniversary in Niagara on the Lake.

I Messed With Texas.

Yeeehaw! I’ve just returned from Dallas, Texas where I stayed for 6 days, working on a live event for Toyota.

We stayed in a boutique hotel called the Aloft which, for all it’s missed reservations and mixed up billings, was a pretty unique, interesting place. When we arrived we were told there was a big college football game happening the next day between University of Oklahoma and University of Texas. The first thing the hotel asked us was which colour wrist band we wanted – red or orange. At the time we had no idea what the colours meant, but before long it became obvious that some of us had sided with the home team and others had aligned themselves with the enemy. This was not lost on the people around us, and depending on which colour you chose, you would be met with varying social acceptance. When we walked around the downtown core that evening, the majority of people were dressed in either U of O colours or U of T colours so you could easily recognize your allies. This was a strange world of Texas football that I didn’t know I’d be witnessing, but am pretty happy I did. It’s something that I don’t think would ever happen in Toronto and it was fun being a part of it.

That first night, we had our first of several Tex Mex meals, complete with Margaritas so strong, when Daryl mentioned we were scared of them, the server responded with “This ain’t Chili’s”.

We didn’t have much time for sight seeing or walking around, as we were working all the time, but we did get to a Western store to buy souvenirs and fancy Western gear and we went to see the famous Grassy Knoll.

Overall, Dallas was good to us – the shows went really well, I saw a ton of people I love to work with and I had a lot of fun (and a lot of good food). I’m not sure I would go back for fun if given the chance. I hear a lot about Austin and I think I’d rather venture out in that direction, but I’m glad I got to experience a bit of Texas when the opportunity arose.


The feeling of guilt I have for taking amazing jump pictures at The Grassy Knoll…


Our amazing jump pictures.

La Nuit des pantalons rouges.

This week we got a happy and unexpected surprise from two of our great friends, Chuck and Gabie who needed a place to crash for a couple days while they were in Toronto doing a camera test.

As they live in le Quebec, it is not often that we get to hang out with them so we’re always excited when they appear out of nowhere like magic.

Earlier in the summer they were married in Inverness, QC and Jamie and I were lucky enough to be invited to stay for their Cottage weekend nuptial spectacular. Since then, we’ve seen them more in two months than we did all last year, so I consider us lucky.

They were in town making sure their SkyMotion Video crazy robot helicopter camera device can perform using the Red Epic and they ended up sharing their demo online. They shoot the craziest arial photography and cinematography – recently they shot some footage for Newfoundland tourism and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Makes me crave the sea…

We had a fun, short visit and we said goodbye as they ran off to hang out with some mutual friends at their cottage (jealous).

Last night was my good old friend, Cheryl’s birthday party at The Gem at Ossington and Davenport. I read about their nachos online so I had to try them and let me tell you- the internet reviewers do not lie about epic dill sauce. On top of seeing lots of people I never get to see, and being able to celebrate with Cheryl, it was also an excellent excuse to wear bright red pants. I’m trying to integrate colour into my life.

After that, it was off to Kipling to smash a metaphorical champagne bottle against the side of my friend, Cristina’s new apartment. Thats what they do with new ships when they’re ready to sail. Sail, Cristina…sail with the wind.

It was fun times of dancing, wine-ing, new friend-ing and watching Aaron unpacking. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, I had to work today, so my football Sunday started late, but I am managing to catch the Giants game which we recorded earlier! Mushroom soup and grilled cheese for dinner, lovely crisp fall evening. Snuggles on the coach with Jamie. Good times in the end.


Working on the weekend (blech)


When you’re the only one in the office, you can use the great acoustics to your advantage and practise singing Christmas Carols. A the top of your lungs.

The Island of Forgotten Posts

Well, this this a weird post.

I feel like this week has been full of fun things I’ve done, and yet, apparently I couldn’t be bothered to document any of it.

This week, I went to see Burlesque with Celeste. There were several men in business suits (some were alone). It was strange. I would say for any closet Cher fans like myself, this is a must see. Mainly because I don’t know how many more opportunities you will get to see her sing and dance and whatnot before she needs to integrate a walker into her scenes. Just kidding. Maybe. However, as much as I hate to admit it (because the acting was super lame in a hilarious way) I actually enjoyed it! The song and dance numbers were done really well and somewhere in the last couple of years, X-Tina became attractive while I wasn’t looking.

I also saw Black Swan with Jamie this week and I’m going to be really annoying here and say it was one of the best films I’ve seen. Ever. It’s the kind of movie that made me want to make movies when I was a wee lass. Very inspiring and creepy and amazing.

I did all my Christmas shopping yesterday and I’m 80% done I think. WooooO!!

So, because I forgot to document any of this, I’m posting some forgotten pics of events gone by that kept getting pushed to the “I have too many pictures, I’ll post these next week” pile. And for this, I am shamed. I will now give them the glory they deserve.

There’s that time when my good friend, Dr. Mike came to live in Toronto for a while and we had drinks and fish and chips at The Village Idiot Pub. We people- watched out the window and made girls uncomfortable by staring at them perversely. Good times.

Then there was the time that my lovely ladies Sonia, Claire and Olga made a movie called “A Dragged Out Affair” that premiered at Reel Asian Film Festival (I make a cameo in the movie. It’s a real classy part). We went to see some of the Queens perform at Zippers later that night, where Claire’s mom joined us, danced her buns off and saved us from creepy wall-dwellers by discussing her husband with them. Amazing, Carol. Amazing.

The rain outside! I was thinking about finishing off my shopping today, but it is wet and gross.
Today, trying to make waffles/ bacon/ coffee feast, I broke my sugar bowl, our syrup fell on the floor, cracking and exploding syrup everywhere, the bacon broke and became like bacon bits. Still everything was delicious, but something seemed to be against us…

Sunday at home with the ugly rain outside, watching football and eating waffles and nachos (Your welcome, love handles).
P.S. Do I use this as my “Awesome” every week? Potentially…I will investigate.
Also, we went dancing last night. I love dancing. And we met some incredibly lovely people who I hope to see more of.