CATS who read.

Happy real and actual autumn!

This weekend was so full, I didn’t even get to my treasured fall decorating. I didn’t even attempt to pull the box out of the closet.

Friday was planning an upcoming Vegas Trip with some lovely ladies. I’ve only ever been for work, so I’m pumped to go for fun. We drank wine and ate pizza and decided who our alter egos would be. I’m Olga, a Russian veterinarian who sells horse tranquilizers (don’t worry, they’re just Mentos). I’m excited to shed my nerd persona for a weekend, break out the old content lenses and buckle up my stilettos. It will be a strange and exciting change of pace.

Saturday, we celebrated my lovely friend, Cristina’s housewarming in Guelph. I ate too many chips and dip and little hotdogs wrapped in bacon. I love finger food. Her house is amazing and it makes me feel like people my age are becoming real adult people and it is terrifying. But it also makes me excited for future things like houses and spaceship washing machines and “Guest Bedrooms” (whodathunk).

Saturday night, I went to Jamie’s office (Aircastle headquarters) to watch a screening of the documentary they’ve been working on for the past couple years. I think it came out great and I’m so proud – it’s called Amin Amir and it’s screening on September 29th at the Edmonton Film Festival. If you live in Edmonton and love AWESOME STUFF, you should go see it.

Sunday was a chock full day of activities. First, brunch at Brownstone with Kari, then off to see CATS on it’s last day of performances (Did you know it’s based on a book of poetry by T.S. Eliot?!). I had never seen it before and Kari was melting with nostalgia so it was good fun had by all. Then we went on a bit of a walkabout and found ourselves accidentally in the middle of The Word on The Street festival. Last year at the festival, Kari was reading aloud from her amazing novel, Margaret And The Moth Tree. This year, we pretended to be Shakespearian characters and received free naughty novels from the Toronto Romance Writers (SAUCY).

So now I’m at home after a sweaty at-home TWERKout, about to enjoy some Football and Indian food with Jamie WHO IS ACTUALLY HOME BEFORE 2 IN THE MORNING OMG (It’s been a busy couple of weeks).

UGLY: My non-seasonally decorated home!!! 😦

AWESOME: I bought a pair of 10 lbs weights so my at-home workouts now consist of me becoming A BOSS.

Holiday Hiatus?

Weird post, weird week!

So, I arrived in Toronto to spend some excellent quality time with Jamie’s family and had a great few days. We went to the gym (once…), ate leftovers and terrible treats and most importantly, spent time laughing and being silly together. Jamie and I were planning on driving back to Kingston on Saturday to continue Christmasing, after Jamie’s uncle Phil had left. Come Saturday, my poor Mom and Dad called to say they were both very sick with a gross flu that EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE HAS. Jamie was also sick with the cursed disease, so we hunkered down to spend some intense lazy, restful flu-cure time inside. I made it my mission to cure him of his ailments (and I was pretty happy to be doing nothing I have to say) and we had a great day of Upstairs, Downstairs (the new one), movies, ham and eggs, leftover turkey, and chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for dinner. It was actually the best. Unfortunately, I woke up today with the exact same symptoms everyone else had before they were launched into flu time city, so although I feel OK now, I worry it’s only a matter of time before the thing takes me down. So this pause in Holiday momentum has caused my brain to think that Christmasing is over, when in fact, it will start again once we get to Kingston on Monday. So I’m considering this weird limbo my Christmas hiatus.

During this hiatus of nesting and snuggling in blankets and tea, I also spent some time thinking about the current state of my apartment decor and how pretty it is now with all the Christmas decorations. Come January, I’ll have to put all the Christmas away and go back to real life, which makes me sad and in the market for ways to spruce. I started putting together a design board for my Living room, beginning with the elements I already have and know I won’t be losing any time soon: Brown couch (although less fancy than the one on my board), brown and beige walls, exact rug, exact bookshelves, brown dresser thing and ottoman. After I stuck in the basics, I started adding little accents that I know I either already have or can get for cheap. All of a sudden, I had this cool little design board which I’ve shared with you today, because for unknown reasons, I took absolutely no pictures in the last 4 days. I can’t believe I didn’t even document the chocolate chip pancake dinner. I am ashamed.

Forgetting to take bloggy photos! Throat burn, sniffle nose.

The recent days of extreme laziness have been amazing, despite my getting ill.
Even if I don’t end up realizing my little design board dreams, I had so much fun making it, I’m going to do the same thing for my other rooms!
Going to Kingston tomorrow for continued family time and New Year’s Eve shenanigans (hopefully neither of us will be too ill for shenanigans)!

Brown Living Room
Brown Living Room

The Circle of Life

So, I just woke up from a 3 week long coma!
That’s why I haven’t been blogging…because of the coma. Except somehow I appear conscious in all my pictures. It’s a miracle?

Now I’m just confusing you. I admit I have no good reason to abandon the world of blog except that I feel like I’ve been insanely busy. Maybe I actually haven’t been, but I feel like I have!

We are departing on our Europe adventure 7 days from today. 7 DAYS. I’ve been driving Jamie up the wall with my anal planning and stressing about the LEAST important things in history. (I’ve never worked so hard to buy a pair of shoes in my life). I think this stems from the fact that I consider this to be my first real sunny-time vacation. Ever. I’m sorry family, but 7 days in a minivan driving to and from the maritimes only partially counts as a vacation. This will be my first time outside of North America, my first time adventuring in another culture (Again, Halifax doesn’t count…) and the first time in I’ve ever taken this much time off work (unemployment doesn’t count, right? Not really a vacation…). So I’ve accidentally put all this pressure on myself to make sure it’s perfect. Which is silly. Jamie attempts to calm the crazy me but I don’t blame him for silently moonwalking out of a room when he senses I’m about to talk about YET another bathing suit option. I envy his ability to escape my brain.

So anyway, in the midst of sabotaging my relaxing vacation by turning all my muscles into searing pain balls of tension, I’ve taken loads of photos which have been patiently waiting in my camera to be rescued! These include pics from Jamie’s 27th birthday in April (Cinco de Mayo themed!), from Dan’s and my road trip to Kingston for Easter, Jamie and me trying out Barque (new BBQ restaurant in Roncy!), being athletic at the Spring Sprint for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and my night out to see The Lion King with my lovely lady, Meley and her friend, Nameer. SEE! I HAVE BEEN BUSY!

I will post again before I leave to say Bon Voyage, but then I think I’ll be out for the count until June when I return. If I do blog, it means we’ve been befriended by Russian millionaires in France and I’m using their Wi-Fi.

WHY do I obsess over such insanity? I swear if you tossed me out a plane with a small backpack of necessities, I would be perfectly happy. But when given the opportunity to bring more, I must make the perfect decisions as to what is packed and what is not. It’s like I’m holding auditions at my house for who can come in the suitcase. Not everyone can come, and everyone has to write a 1,000 page essay as to why I should bring them, then I read all those essays and mark them based on a standardized system and only then do I decide what gets packed. LOONEY BIN MATERIAL. (I don’t actually do that…)

I’m giddy with anticipation. Europe is upon us.

I was framed.

No, really I was. In November, Jamie and I celebrated our 5th anniversary (of dating…). One of his gifts to me was a set of 5 picture frames which were meant to fill a particularly blank wall in our apartment. Since then, I’ve looked through five years worth of photos of our adventures together and my favourites just happened to be the from trip he and I took for the same anniversary. So, this weekend we got our photos printed and took our frames to get the hooks attached. And now we have a lovely little picture wall full of some of my favourite Jamie/Caitlin moments! Complete with Jump pictures! (Obviously)

Last weekend, I went to a clothing swap at Cheryl’s where we ladies brought bags and bags of our pre-loved items to find a new home for them. So many of us had the same story- these particular items had hung in our closet ignored for too long, but whenever the day came to purge our wardrobes and fill up the Goodwill bags, we just couldn’t let such a nice (or expensive) thing go so easily. This way, that dress that I fell in love with, spent too much on and then let hang getting dusty for several years went to someone I knew would appreciate it, and I somehow felt better giving it away to someone I might one day get to see wear it!
But don’t think it was just clothes either. There was a vast array of unwanted items from DVDs and VHS tapes (I parted ways with Charlie’s Angels 1 and 2) to a cell phone to stationary. My favourite was a book of postcards featuring cuddly small animals next to statements of bad tidings.

All in all, I had a good, albeit slow, couple of weeks. I was sick for a good part of it, so a ladies night in and living room redecorating was in perfect harmony with my mood!


-Being sick for the last little while. Blech.
-We went on a jog yesterday. I haven’t jogged since playing soccer last summer (ballet is not jogging). Today I am moving exactly like a 70 year old shuffle board player.


-New, free, clothes!
-March Madness. I don’t even like basketball that much, but there have been some intense games! And I have to say I get way too emotional for my own good. Not as in anger, as in sadness for the losing team. They’re just 6 foot tall students!!
-Jamie and I bought what seems like an entire market full of fruits and veggies to make juice with. We’re very into juice right now…

Want a balloon?

Hi friends!

Last weekend was full of old friends and new friends and creepy clowns and creepy cupcakes and pink hair and prizes.

It was the Meeko party at Cheryl’s house and it was awesome/scary at all times. This party consists of clown related activities, children’s food such as pogos and jello molds and it was filled with party games for children. I got to see a bunch of my Kingston friends including some I hadn’t seen in years and years and all around I had a lovely/creepy good time.

This week was pretty average. I went to the gym, I ballerina’d my ass off, I bought The New York City Ballet Workout on DVD so I could ballerina my ass off at home too. Today Jamie came home to me making cauliflower soup in my kitchen/prancing around to Vivaldi in a black leotard. I was born to ballerina.

On Friday Celeste and I hung out and watched movie trailers/ YouTube sensations whilst I enjoyed my new custom cocktail, Lime Smirnoff with PC Cranberry Lime Cocktail and club soda. I feel very fancy when I drink it. (Although at Celeste’s I was drinking it from a Gatorade bottle so that lessened the classiness slightly). Then we met up with Abra and company at the Savoy and danced around all night. At one point a man from Finland game me his business card while seducing me with his Finnish dance moves (pulling his sweater hood over his head and flailing his hands in a figure eight pattern a la David Bowie in Labyrinth). Needless to say, I was entranced.

Yesterday Jamie and I cleaned our apartment, went to Dufferin mall to try on shoes and buy sweaters, got my glasses tightened and took ourselves out to dinner as a reward for being so productive. Today we went for brunch, I made soup and worked for a tiny bit on my “film”. Oh, and I also pranced around to Vivaldi while making cauliflower soup. I think I covered that already but I’m so proud of it.

This week looks like it could get busy but I’m excited for Friday when I get to nerd out at Snakes and Lattés playing board games with the gals! woot! Until then…I DANCE…

All clowns. period.

I feel stronger. Like if a muscular man lifted me above his head, I’d be able to tense long enough for him to place me down gently as opposed to dropping me on my face because I squirmed with pain.

Pumping Iron.

So the last couple of weeks has been filled with what I can only describe as a sudden panic that all I’ve been eating since the summer time has been chocolate and lard. Or at least that’s what is feels like. Like every other human being in January, I’ve begun the transformation into beautiful bikini butterfly by attempting to eat better and going to the gym.

In light of a certain recent extremely good psychopathic ballerina movie, I was motivated to take a class at my gym called ballerina bootcamp. If I wasn’t scared of getting my camera crushed between knuckles of steel, I would attempt to photograph my ballerina teacher who is a robot machine made of bone and sinew only. She literally can do power squats whilst balancing on what seems to be only 3 of her toes. I am in awe of her. And at the same time, I’m suspicious that all she eats is toilet paper and chalk like the gals on TLC’s “My strange addiction”. She’s that skinny. So there’s that, and I also started going back to my favourite hip hop dance class and a pilates class on the weekends. I’m so ready to be sinewy.

On top of all that, I am continuing to go to my singing group on Wednesdays (yes, I am 80), so I’ve pretty much scheduled myself to death a healthier me!

I was recently trying to psycho-analyze my obsession with extra-curricular activities and I came up with this: I am an only child. When I was young, I went to the Montessori school that my parents own and didn’t have too many friends in my neighbourhood. I think my parents thought after-school activities would be a good way for me to meet other kids instead of being a sad, only child in our house. And they were right! Not only did I love trying new things (I went through karate, gymnastics, soccer, curling, highland dance, Girl Guides and countless summer camps) but I made lots of friends, some of whom I remain friends with today despite no other connection apart from our childhood dance-bond. But now, as an adult who has lots of friends already, I can’t imagine a life where I don’t have activities to do after work. And I think thats weird. Other people do not feel like this. It has now been ingrained into my being that I should be participating in some kind of group or program during my free hours. Even though I would be perfectly happy sitting at home on the couch watching “Say Yes to The Dress” (which I still do often), I have a strange compulsion to go out and try new things, to meet up with these random people who you could have nothing in common with except that you’re all participating in this weird interest that brings you together. I like it.

So the pictures below are from my lovely pal Celeste’s birthday celebrations! We had a ladies-night style slumber party last weekend which was amazing and then a bar-style party at Unloveable for her and our friend Dave this weekend. Our friends brought two separate cakes to the bar which was awesome because who ever gets to eat cake at a bar? It perfectly complimented my new skinny drink of choice, vodka, soda and lime. There was nothing skinny about the cake. Sorry ballet teacher! I will do better this week!

Ugly: My toes. Until yesterday! Pedicure BOOM. (You never notice winter-time toe grossness until you start going to pilates again and become jealous of all the skinny bitches’ perfect feet. I’ll show you all!)

Awesome: The gym. I swear! I know it sounds like crazy talk after eating Christmas food and being really lazy for two months, but I’m not joking. I love the clean towels and the techno music and the giant showers and the “cold room” (my face gets very red after hip hop dance class). When I would rather eat an entire plate of nachos and sit on the couch, than move a muscle, my mind recalls the gym as a terrible place of woe and pain. But once I dragged myself back there, I realized that my memory had failed me and the gym is so much fun.

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Goose…

Merry Christmas to all!

As you can probably guess, I’ve been too busy being choc-full of the holiday spirit to bother updating my blog (let alone, taking showers, getting dressed in real clothes, eating anything other than turkey and chocolate, etc.), but now I’m back! And I have so many Christmasy photos, I won’t add a lot of word-filler especially because I know only a few people actually read the words around here anyway (I love both of you.)

The first set of photos is from my Toronto Ladies Christmas. This would be our…4th? Annual Christmas party hosted by yours truly and it’s the only hosting event I get very excited for. It has all my favourite things: President’s Choice cheese puffs, shrimp rings, Sara Aelterman’s delicious desserts, ladies, presents, Home Alone, Love Actually, plaid, wine, cheese plate with fancy crackers, famous shepherd’s pie by Celeste, Christmas crackers with the fun hats, posed photos.

The second set of photos is from my family Christmas in Kingston. It’s just me and my mom and my dad in the morning, but then my Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle come over for dinner. My mom spares no cost when it comes to decorating the house. That’s where I get my addiction from. So, I feel it is necessary to make your house feel like a movie at Christmas because that is what I know.

I wish it would have snowed just a little while I was here…I do love the White Christmas look and seeing snowflakes falling outside, etc. This year wasn’t entirely un-white but it was very diverse.

-Coming home to see friends and family I get to see very little of.
-Being extremely lazy. Jamie says the holidays are a time for exercising while you have the time. I say Jamie is on crack. Slippers forever.