Welcome to The Century Club!

Hey guys, guess what? This is my 100th Blog Post. No biggie. Just a life goal and landmark but you know, whatevs!!! (That’s what the title was about…not drinking 100 beer shots in 100 minutes…)

Being that this is my 100th Blog Post celebration day, I get to do whatever I want. Which means posting MORE CHRISTMAS PICTURES! Even though no one wants to see them anymore!

I promise, these are the last ones. It seems that everyone is now over it (Jamie wants to take down the tree tonight!) But I need to hang on for one more week. One more sparkly, happy, festive week and then it’s back to normal home decor colours and scents that are not “peppermint” or “gingerbread”. In all honesty, it won’t be so bad – I got lots of new non-Christmas Home decorations with my gift cards, so I get to play after the Christmas stuff comes down!

The first bunch of photos is from my annual “ladies only-ish” Christmas party where some lady troopers braved their way through the snow storm to come over and eat massive amounts of food, watch movies and exchange gifts. I look forward to this party every single year and this year it snuck it’s way in right before I got sick – very lucky.

The second bunch is from my Christmas in Kingston with my family! My parents got a new kitty named Inky, who is the best. She’s very cuddly and added even more excitement to the holiday. Even though I was a bit wobbly, I had a great time and it was nice to be home where my mommy could take care of me 🙂 So spoiled.

We had a fantastic Christmas dinner with my Grandparents and Uncle, his lady friend, Nancy and our family friend (and my old doctor), Roz! We also celebrated my Mom’s birthday and I spent New Year’s Eve with my parents. All in all, a TON of awesome family time which is a rare treat.

UGLY: Christmas is over, and I’m the only one hanging on to the holly for dear life. Also, I have to get up early tomorrow!

AWESOME: It’s been a really long time since I’ve spent so much time with the folks. It felt like University when you went home for a month! Also, new Inky and old Penny – I love visiting Kitties without having to actually take care of them 🙂

And here’s a special Christmas gift from me to you on this grand occasion!


When I Compared My Christmas Tree To A Puppy.

It’s that time of year again! The time of year I walk aimlessly around the city looking at all the twinkly lights and anticipating decorating my own little blank canvas of a home. Last year, I purchased a bunch of Holiday decor because it was our first Christmas in this apartment and I wanted to take advantage of the little bit of extra space we have now. This year, I tried to re-use as much as possible and the only new things I bought were the plants for the porch and the new candle holder from Kitchen Stuff Plus (it was on sale…).

Jamie and I followed through with our annual tradition of decorating the tree while watching Sunday Night Football and I tried to make Christmas Sugar Cookies! The cookies were a success in general, but I absolutely failed on the icing front. I accidentally made the icing too thick so it was giving me a super hard time due to my tendency toward culinary ineptitude. I finally got my icing contraption to work and spent 15 minutes icing the trees. By the time that was done, I was losing patience on the snowflakes and by the time we got to the gingerbread men, I could barely motivate myself to make more than a face blob on each one. Regardless of their ugliness, they were still delicious so I count it as a flavour win, presentation fail.

UGLY: The horror-movie gingerbread monsters.

AWESOME: It’s Christmas!!! (obviously). Being in this house with twinkly lights and festive candles makes me excited about walking through my door every day. I’m pretty sure I turn on my tree lights with the same enthusiasm one would exude when meeting their puppy at the door upon returning home.

Tofu roasting on an open fire.

Oh hey. Have you noticed my blog is snowing? Yup. Wicked.

Totally new topic: There’s a guy at work who consistently brings in a tub of delicious home made Chinese food every day and eats the entire thing in one sitting. It’s a lot of food. It could probably feed me for 3 meals. I started sitting next to him at work specifically so I could mooch yummy tofu from his lunch. Eventually, he asked if he could please just teach me how to make it myself so I would stop harassing him. And I accepted!

He invited me to his house to meet his amazing wife, Cherry, and the two of them taught me how to make a tofu dish! (And a yummy egg and tomato dish too, but I was really excited about the tofu). This particular gentleman is scared of the interwebs and the FBI, so he’s asked to remain unidentified, but his wife is a normal person who allowed me to photograph her.

So, here it is: Delicious tofu tutorial in pictures.

UGLY: My complete lack of culinary knowledge. In general.

Cherry and “Bob” were so welcoming (I got my own pair of slippers)! And the two of them should compete in Olympic Team Cooking (that’s a sport, right?) when one was done with the tofu, the other was there to drain, then one was putting the tomatoes in while the other chopped the coriander. It was like they were reading each other’s minds. Thanks friends, I had an awesome time!

Feeding a Cold: On a Wild Cous Chase.

Hi Friends!

Today, I was home sick and became riddled with the cabin fever. I watched several movies, took 1 thousand naps and watched the Food Network for the first time in years. I think the recent barrage of competition cooking shows has soured my taste for The Food Network. My mom and I used to watch Iron Chef, but that was back when it was the ONLY competition cooking show and everybody was still Japanese.

The only shows about food that I really like to watch are the ones that actually instruct you on how to cook. It seems that these shows are now the minority, the same way music videos are rarely ever seen on Much Music anymore. But today, whilst flipping through the channels, I stumbled across Jamie Oliver’s show “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals”. I watched him cook up a delicious looking Greek Meal in (apparently) 15 minutes and was immediately inspired. I took a short walk to grab some groceries and tried my hand at his “Gorgeous Greek chicken with herby vegetable couscous & tzatziki”.

In the end, it was delicious, although somehow it took me 1.5 hours as opposed to 15 minutes. This is most likely because I do not own a food processor and when I attempted to use my Magic Bullet for the job, it started making soup, so I had to cut my losses and chop the rest by hand. Nevertheless, it was YUMMY. Jamie (my Jamie, not Oliver) agreed and we will definitely be making it again. Perhaps now that I’ve done it once and know what to expect, I could actually make it in 15 minutes! Just kidding, that will never happen.

Ugly: Being sickly and achy and gross.

Awesome: Finding a new healthy recipe that can feed us for days; re-discovering an inspiration for cooking new things; Tasty, TASTY couscous!

Want a balloon?

Hi friends!

Last weekend was full of old friends and new friends and creepy clowns and creepy cupcakes and pink hair and prizes.

It was the Meeko party at Cheryl’s house and it was awesome/scary at all times. This party consists of clown related activities, children’s food such as pogos and jello molds and it was filled with party games for children. I got to see a bunch of my Kingston friends including some I hadn’t seen in years and years and all around I had a lovely/creepy good time.

This week was pretty average. I went to the gym, I ballerina’d my ass off, I bought The New York City Ballet Workout on DVD so I could ballerina my ass off at home too. Today Jamie came home to me making cauliflower soup in my kitchen/prancing around to Vivaldi in a black leotard. I was born to ballerina.

On Friday Celeste and I hung out and watched movie trailers/ YouTube sensations whilst I enjoyed my new custom cocktail, Lime Smirnoff with PC Cranberry Lime Cocktail and club soda. I feel very fancy when I drink it. (Although at Celeste’s I was drinking it from a Gatorade bottle so that lessened the classiness slightly). Then we met up with Abra and company at the Savoy and danced around all night. At one point a man from Finland game me his business card while seducing me with his Finnish dance moves (pulling his sweater hood over his head and flailing his hands in a figure eight pattern a la David Bowie in Labyrinth). Needless to say, I was entranced.

Yesterday Jamie and I cleaned our apartment, went to Dufferin mall to try on shoes and buy sweaters, got my glasses tightened and took ourselves out to dinner as a reward for being so productive. Today we went for brunch, I made soup and worked for a tiny bit on my “film”. Oh, and I also pranced around to Vivaldi while making cauliflower soup. I think I covered that already but I’m so proud of it.

This week looks like it could get busy but I’m excited for Friday when I get to nerd out at Snakes and Lattés playing board games with the gals! woot! Until then…I DANCE…

All clowns. period.

I feel stronger. Like if a muscular man lifted me above his head, I’d be able to tense long enough for him to place me down gently as opposed to dropping me on my face because I squirmed with pain.