Tofu roasting on an open fire.

Oh hey. Have you noticed my blog is snowing? Yup. Wicked.

Totally new topic: There’s a guy at work who consistently brings in a tub of delicious home made Chinese food every day and eats the entire thing in one sitting. It’s a lot of food. It could probably feed me for 3 meals. I started sitting next to him at work specifically so I could mooch yummy tofu from his lunch. Eventually, he asked if he could please just teach me how to make it myself so I would stop harassing him. And I accepted!

He invited me to his house to meet his amazing wife, Cherry, and the two of them taught me how to make a tofu dish! (And a yummy egg and tomato dish too, but I was really excited about the tofu). This particular gentleman is scared of the interwebs and the FBI, so he’s asked to remain unidentified, but his wife is a normal person who allowed me to photograph her.

So, here it is: Delicious tofu tutorial in pictures.

UGLY: My complete lack of culinary knowledge. In general.

Cherry and “Bob” were so welcoming (I got my own pair of slippers)! And the two of them should compete in Olympic Team Cooking (that’s a sport, right?) when one was done with the tofu, the other was there to drain, then one was putting the tomatoes in while the other chopped the coriander. It was like they were reading each other’s minds. Thanks friends, I had an awesome time!

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