Nuit Blanche Toronto: A Review

Hello art lovers! This weekend was Nuit Blanche in Toronto and I have to tell you, if you’re looking for a great blog post regarding all the incredible art that was displayed last night, then you have come to exactly the wrong place. I’m sorry. You’ve been led astray. My life’s happiness relies on higher view counts on my blog stats page, so I will really say absolutely anything to get you to read this thing, including lying to you in the title.

I did attend Nuit Blanche last night and had a great time! But for me, Nuit Blanche is about walking around the city in amongst the other wide-eyed, mostly inebriated crazies. I like stumbling across the odd occurrence you would’t see on a regular night downtown, but I find for the most part, I don’t have the patience for many of the larger exhibits. You line up for an hour and whatever you end up seeing at the end of it never meets your expectations. I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but I’ve never lined up long enough to see those ones.

My Nuit Blanche consists of drinking ciders in the street, with my best lady friends, hugging unicorns and people made of beanie babies. It’s singing techno music and parking for a couple hours on a picnic table in the middle of the street supplied by a mystery picnic table donor. It’s eating savoury AND sweet crepes at 2am complimented by ice cream and a SEPARATE milkshake (didn’t think that order through) while a 7ft tall Batman and several of his masked friends eat at the table across from us. It’s spending an hour playing a rousing game of “catch the cab” with fellow art lovers at 3am. This is why you wear comfy shoes to Nuit Blanche.

For better or worse, I don’t see a lot of art at Nuit Blanche, but there is something special and social and communal about wandering around your city with all the other wanderers in the middle of the night… where the roads are closed and your hearts are open… (WINK).

UGLY: That sentence up there. The one I just wrote.

The fact that Nuit Blanche was not completely freezing this year! Made it much more enjoyable.

One thought on “Nuit Blanche Toronto: A Review

  1. Like all cool art events, Nuit used to be great. In the first couple of years.. 2005-6?.. Can’t recall.. It was far more loose and eclectic, with far more exhibits, done by local artists, and a much smaller crowd. Then the corporate sponsorship came. They tried to cut down or better organize the event, and of course widened the reach with bigger marketing campaigns. Then the kids and meatheads came, and they found another excuse to get smashed, or be seen.

    I do enjoy the things you pointed out about Nuit. I just miss the beauty of being able to share the moment with friends, and being surrounded with the right amount of spectacle, being able to indulge in something far more fulfilling given the time spent.

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