Feeding a Cold: On a Wild Cous Chase.

Hi Friends!

Today, I was home sick and became riddled with the cabin fever. I watched several movies, took 1 thousand naps and watched the Food Network for the first time in years. I think the recent barrage of competition cooking shows has soured my taste for The Food Network. My mom and I used to watch Iron Chef, but that was back when it was the ONLY competition cooking show and everybody was still Japanese.

The only shows about food that I really like to watch are the ones that actually instruct you on how to cook. It seems that these shows are now the minority, the same way music videos are rarely ever seen on Much Music anymore. But today, whilst flipping through the channels, I stumbled across Jamie Oliver’s show “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals”. I watched him cook up a delicious looking Greek Meal in (apparently) 15 minutes and was immediately inspired. I took a short walk to grab some groceries and tried my hand at his “Gorgeous Greek chicken with herby vegetable couscous & tzatziki”.

In the end, it was delicious, although somehow it took me 1.5 hours as opposed to 15 minutes. This is most likely because I do not own a food processor and when I attempted to use my Magic Bullet for the job, it started making soup, so I had to cut my losses and chop the rest by hand. Nevertheless, it was YUMMY. Jamie (my Jamie, not Oliver) agreed and we will definitely be making it again. Perhaps now that I’ve done it once and know what to expect, I could actually make it in 15 minutes! Just kidding, that will never happen.

Ugly: Being sickly and achy and gross.

Awesome: Finding a new healthy recipe that can feed us for days; re-discovering an inspiration for cooking new things; Tasty, TASTY couscous!

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