Jingle Bells, Festive Smells.


There’s not much to say here except I’ve gone Christmas Crazy and I don’t care who knows it!

I did the same thing for Christmas decorating that I did for Halloween – I perused Pinterest until my pointers were paralyzed then I tried to replicate the super expensive holiday decor at a fraction of the cost by getting everything at Dollarama. Hopefully, next year I’ll just use the same stuff from this year and my investment will pay off for the next thousand years. I can’t describe how lovely it feels to come home to a festive, warm house with twinkling lights and smelly candles. It’s the best.


The disastrous attempt at first cookie baking of the year. I accidentally read the butter wrong and put in 2 cups instead of one. I KNEW it didn’t look right!!!


My second batch of cookies which turned out lovely.

9 thoughts on “Jingle Bells, Festive Smells.

  1. The first cookie picture was my favourite… like the time I put 14 FL OZ of condensed milk (approx 2 cans) instead of 14 weight OZ (1 can) in my pumpkin…well…soup (attempting to be Pie).

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