Jingle Bells, Festive Smells.


There’s not much to say here except I’ve gone Christmas Crazy and I don’t care who knows it!

I did the same thing for Christmas decorating that I did for Halloween – I perused Pinterest until my pointers were paralyzed then I tried to replicate the super expensive holiday decor at a fraction of the cost by getting everything at Dollarama. Hopefully, next year I’ll just use the same stuff from this year and my investment will pay off for the next thousand years. I can’t describe how lovely it feels to come home to a festive, warm house with twinkling lights and smelly candles. It’s the best.


The disastrous attempt at first cookie baking of the year. I accidentally read the butter wrong and put in 2 cups instead of one. I KNEW it didn’t look right!!!


My second batch of cookies which turned out lovely.

The day I saved Sherry and John from the apocalypse.

So last week I got to do some fun things.

Friday night, we celebrated Emily’s birthday at Bambi’s. Lots of sweaty dancing followed by terrible snack decisions at 7 Eleven. As I recall, I ordered a hot dog and so did Celeste. When my hot dog came, I put an enormous amount of ketchup on it. Except it was hot sauce. Celeste offered to trade hot dogs so I wouldn’t have to throw mine out. But it turns out hers was not so much a hot dog but a cheeseburger rolled into a hot dog shape. For some reason, this story amuses me.

Then on Monday, Ryann and I went to West Elm in Liberty Village for a book signing. Ryann got me on to this blog a couple years ago called “Young House Love”. It’s written by a funny and endearing couple, Sherry and John Petersik and it’s all about them renovating and redecorating their house. They have a fun style which I like and their posts are full of knowledge and funny business.

While we were standing in line for them to sign our new books, the West Elm employees handed out post-it notes, telling us to write down what we wanted our inscription to say. Basically, we were only really supposed to write our names down so they would spell them correctly, but the instructions made it seem like we were supposed to write our own inscription. My inscription from Sherry and John says “Dear Caitlin, Thanks for saving us from the apocalypse. You rule.” so I think I used the situation to my advantage in the end. Anyways, it was a super fun outing with Ryann, complete with yummy dinner after a the Brazen Head and it was fun to meet bloggers in real life who you follow so frequently that you forget sometimes they don’t actually know you at all. That’s kind of my goal in life. To be internet famous enough that someone will say to me one day “I feel like I know you but you don’t know me at all”. ARE YOU OUT THERE, BLOG FAN?! I LOVE YOU!

My completely transparent desperation to have internet fans. Even just like 5 of them would be cool…

The photo of Sherry, John, Ryann and I throwing up yuppie gang signs. Dream Come True.

7 Years in Tibet (or Collingwood)

A couple weeks ago, Jamie and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. Yep. CRAZY!

We escaped the city to the Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood for a romantic, relaxing weekend of book reading, fire snuggling and food eating.

It’s the exact same trip we took 6 years ago when Jamie planned a surprise weekend away for our 1 year anniversary. Only this time, we are old.

We didn’t plan anything except our fancy dinner Saturday night at Oliver and Bonacini, so the rest of the time was filled doing exactly what we wanted to, whether that was reading our books in the hotel room next to the fire whilst listening to Christmas music, or going for a walk around the “mountain” or being illogically happy about getting festive Starbucks in the jolly red cups. It was the perfect weekend of complete and awesome nothingness.


My hair. The weekend was so relaxing, I chose not to wash my hair which I felt at the time would be too strenuous.

The super awesome anniversary present Jamie bought me (a Giants jersey with Eli Manning’s number) and finally drinking our special magic wine saved from our 5th anniversary in Niagara on the Lake.

Happy Hallo-Boo Boo.

Halloween just happened!

It was on a Wednesday and since I was in Ohio during the regular “Adult Halloween” weekend activities, I had a couple of gals over for a mellow gathering to watch “scary” movies, eat candy and dress up for fun. It was also the first Halloween since I moved to Toronto where I actually had more than 3 children come to my door trick or treating! It’s because my new neighbourhood is full of families and also because I have a real porch now which I decorated extensively. Handing out candy never worked in my old locations – I either lived in an apartment building, my “porch” looked like a business, it was on a busy road where children weren’t allowed to go, or I lived in the Potugese ghetto where children would rather smoke than go trick or treating. Now that I live in a respectable house-looking type thing, on an actual residential street sort of deal, children run rampant and I just barely had enough candy for all of them (I had bought extra for the girls I invited over- in the end, they didn’t get any…).

I had so much fun putting up more decorations (I know…) and making green slimy Halloween punch and dressing up and hanging out with fun time ladies. It almost makes me sad it was over so quickly and now it’s time to gear up for Christmas……..JUST KIDDING I LOVE CHRISTMAS WAY MORE THAN ANYTHING.

My “Glitzy the Gay Pageant Pig” costume from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Everyone else’s costumes! Especially Celeste’s “Paula Poundstone” and Alex’s “Man”. Jasmine’s “Gonzo made from gourd” costume was ground breaking.