I Messed With Texas.

Yeeehaw! I’ve just returned from Dallas, Texas where I stayed for 6 days, working on a live event for Toyota.

We stayed in a boutique hotel called the Aloft which, for all it’s missed reservations and mixed up billings, was a pretty unique, interesting place. When we arrived we were told there was a big college football game happening the next day between University of Oklahoma and University of Texas. The first thing the hotel asked us was which colour wrist band we wanted – red or orange. At the time we had no idea what the colours meant, but before long it became obvious that some of us had sided with the home team and others had aligned themselves with the enemy. This was not lost on the people around us, and depending on which colour you chose, you would be met with varying social acceptance. When we walked around the downtown core that evening, the majority of people were dressed in either U of O colours or U of T colours so you could easily recognize your allies. This was a strange world of Texas football that I didn’t know I’d be witnessing, but am pretty happy I did. It’s something that I don’t think would ever happen in Toronto and it was fun being a part of it.

That first night, we had our first of several Tex Mex meals, complete with Margaritas so strong, when Daryl mentioned we were scared of them, the server responded with “This ain’t Chili’s”.

We didn’t have much time for sight seeing or walking around, as we were working all the time, but we did get to a Western store to buy souvenirs and fancy Western gear and we went to see the famous Grassy Knoll.

Overall, Dallas was good to us – the shows went really well, I saw a ton of people I love to work with and I had a lot of fun (and a lot of good food). I’m not sure I would go back for fun if given the chance. I hear a lot about Austin and I think I’d rather venture out in that direction, but I’m glad I got to experience a bit of Texas when the opportunity arose.


The feeling of guilt I have for taking amazing jump pictures at The Grassy Knoll…


Our amazing jump pictures.

4 thoughts on “I Messed With Texas.

  1. Hope you had fun in Texas – great photographs. I always say Dallas is a better place to live than to visit, but the last few years it has become much more cosmopolitan, diverse, and active.

    Thanks for the visit, thanks for sharing.

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