La Nuit des pantalons rouges.

This week we got a happy and unexpected surprise from two of our great friends, Chuck and Gabie who needed a place to crash for a couple days while they were in Toronto doing a camera test.

As they live in le Quebec, it is not often that we get to hang out with them so we’re always excited when they appear out of nowhere like magic.

Earlier in the summer they were married in Inverness, QC and Jamie and I were lucky enough to be invited to stay for their Cottage weekend nuptial spectacular. Since then, we’ve seen them more in two months than we did all last year, so I consider us lucky.

They were in town making sure their SkyMotion Video crazy robot helicopter camera device can perform using the Red Epic and they ended up sharing their demo online. They shoot the craziest arial photography and cinematography – recently they shot some footage for Newfoundland tourism and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Makes me crave the sea…

We had a fun, short visit and we said goodbye as they ran off to hang out with some mutual friends at their cottage (jealous).

Last night was my good old friend, Cheryl’s birthday party at The Gem at Ossington and Davenport. I read about their nachos online so I had to try them and let me tell you- the internet reviewers do not lie about epic dill sauce. On top of seeing lots of people I never get to see, and being able to celebrate with Cheryl, it was also an excellent excuse to wear bright red pants. I’m trying to integrate colour into my life.

After that, it was off to Kipling to smash a metaphorical champagne bottle against the side of my friend, Cristina’s new apartment. Thats what they do with new ships when they’re ready to sail. Sail, Cristina…sail with the wind.

It was fun times of dancing, wine-ing, new friend-ing and watching Aaron unpacking. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, I had to work today, so my football Sunday started late, but I am managing to catch the Giants game which we recorded earlier! Mushroom soup and grilled cheese for dinner, lovely crisp fall evening. Snuggles on the coach with Jamie. Good times in the end.


Working on the weekend (blech)


When you’re the only one in the office, you can use the great acoustics to your advantage and practise singing Christmas Carols. A the top of your lungs.

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