Read My Whips.

This weekend was full of interesting events which is a nice change from my usual full schedule of eating chips, watching football and staring at the clutter piles hoping they will move on their own.

Friday night was super exciting! I ate leftover pasta and watched an entire night’s worth of TLC programming including the exact SAME episode of “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta” twice! It was THE BEST. And not sad and pathetic in the least. Tell your friends.

Saturday, I took myself out for a coffee and a scone at Crema on the Danforth then scooted over to Bizzy B Stamps to buy some fancy paper for my wall project. (I’ll show you the paper once the wall project starts playing a bigger role in my consciousness). That night, I met up with some beautiful folks from work to witness the championship Toronto Roller Derby match between Chicks Ahoy and The Gore Gore Rollergirls. Chicks Ahoy came up on top to win the whole shebang and I drank a rum and coke – in a can! If I wasn’t such a fetus, I would totally try out for Roller Derby. I would aspire to be like Juliette’s Lewis’s character, Iron Maven from Whip It. (But it would never work because everyone would see through my icy, angry layer and would know that deep inside, I’m just a sensitive lady).

Sunday began with a brisk jaunt to the old Mad Dog Cafe where Jamie and I ate delicious brunch while trying to ignore the least annoying duo beside us: A father and daughter team, who would otherwise be adorable if their main act didn’t consist of the father asking the 3 year old to do something and then the 3 year old doing the exact opposite thing, only to be encouraged to continue this behaviour by her daddy laughing at how cute it was whenever she disobeyed him. I still have boot marks on my jeans. Bah Humbug.

After yummy smoked salmon, I went to my lovely friend Kari’s book reading at the “Word on the Street” festival at Queen’s Park. She was reading a few chapters from her first novel, “Margaret and The Moth Tree” to some very attentive children. As some of you know, my parents own the longest running Montessori school in Kingston. Over the years, the school has inherited a VAST number of children’s books, many of which I read (and/or owned) as a child. So I consider myself somewhat versed and currently interested in the quality of children’s books on the market today and I can tell you this – I actually read “Margaret and the Moth Tree” and thought it was amazing. Obviously, I was prepared to tell my friend that the book was amazing, regardless of its quality, because that’s what girls do, but I’m soooo proud of her because it actually IS a wonderful book. One little girl came up to Kari during the book signing and told her that her mom had purchased the book for her that morning, and by 3pm when Kari signed the 176 paged novel for her, she had finished reading it – she apparently couldn’t put it down all day. Very cool. I totally know a famous author, guys. Boom.

I had planned to decorate the whole porch situation today, but life ran a little longer than expected, so instead I just bought two planters and stuck them beside the door.

Those planters look boss.

4 thoughts on “Read My Whips.

  1. I think I read this post like 3 times. and thank you Caitlin!!!! I watch TLC reruns all the time! It’s my favorite way to procrastinate and it is THE BEST! You are totally right, it’s not sad! I was keeping my light addiction to myself… but now I feel great that I’m not alone. I’ll watch TLC with you ANYTIME Caitlin. Yeah!

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