The Rain in Spain

Well, everyone, it’s time for my bi-annual blog post! If you’re still interested enough to read this it’s most likely because you are a good friend of mine, or my mom or you secretly want to see pictures of me in my bikini (You’re in the right place). So to everyone still tuned in, thanks!! I know I say this all the time, but I really am going to try to pick up the pace on this little blog o’ mine. Hopefully now that I have a good computer situation at home, I’ll be more inclined to share this humble life with y’all 🙂

So – the Spain Epic continues! (I really want to post all my Europe pics here so I have a nice little documentation for them – I promise there’s only one more Europe post!)

After the gruelling and wonderful day of walking through Alhambra, Jamie and I did some city sight seeing in Malaga – we stopped for tapas and walked through the fancy, shiny brick streets (reminded me of a European themed indoor shopping mall – except it was authentic and outdoors), stopped to get some gelato and watched as fancy Spanish women lead their fancy Spanish men into stores like Prada and Gucci. A far cry from the crispy Welshmen we had grown accustom to spotting on the Beaches of Benalmadena.

The next day was recovery day where we hit the beach and relaxed at our new favourite beachside restaurant, Rincon del Mar. The owner was very welcoming, treated us like royalty and kept our wine glasses full. We loved it so much, we told him we’d be back the next day for my birthday dinner celebration. I went to sleep with the excitement of tomorrow’s day – a Spanish road trip into unknown where we would celebrate my birthday.

The next day when I awoke, I thought “Wow! It’s my birthday and I’m in Spain! What could be better?!”. Then I opened the curtains to find that our sunny Spanish countryside had transformed into a bleak, grey drizzly mud puddle. Nevertheless, we set out to find birthday happiness on the roads. You will notice that this day is not well documented in the photos. That is because the pictures would depict a depressing day of solitude. Apparently when it rains in Spain, the locals abandon the streets like El Guapo is coming (I realize this is a Mexican reference but the image of the villagers shutting their windows in fear is the same as how I picture the Spanish locals shutting their doors to drizzle). So we spent a splashy day driving to seemingly abandoned towns and villages only to find that all the restaurants and stores were closed and every city we drove through might as well have been a ghost town. That being said, this allowed Jamie and I day to listen to music in the car and drive around and talk. Which, in the end, was sappy and romantic and perfect for a birthday.

When we got back to the hotel, we immediately head over to our new favourite restaurant as we were both ready for some much needed wine. Our host greeted us with enthusiasm and we were treated to a delicious meal. At the end of the meal, the owner (having not been reminded of the fact that it was my birthday since we mentioned it the day before) brought out a piece of pie with a tea light sitting on the plate. He then conducted his entire kitchen staff in singing “Happy Birthday” to me. This is not the customary birthday song in Spain and many of the boys faltered on the lyrics and tune, but it was so heartfelt that it remains in my memory, the best time this song has ever been sung to me. Awesome Birthday after all.

On our last day, the sun was shining again and we decided to climb a mountain. Well, that’s not accurate – we decided to let a cable car pull us to the top of a mountain where we climbed some stairs and pretended as if we had accomplished something great. (The walk to the where the cable car picked us up was actually challenging – that’s why I wore my workout clothes!). Naturally, we finished our time in Costa Del Sol sitting at the pool and soaking in the relaxation, as the next day we would be on our way to Madrid to experience some big city culture.


How rarely I blog anymore. This time it will be better, guys!!

The low point of birthday day was driving past a sad, wet carnival that no one was at, then stopping for food at the only open restaurant, where a man who was clearly 100 years old served us pizza which was removed from plastic packaging and then put in the microwave for us.


Malaga was very fancy and nice. If we were to go back, I would have put on a snazzy dress and heels and paraded around like I had money to burn.

Although my birthday was a bit of a sad sack, the restaurant episode actually made me so happy that it pretty much turned the day around.

Next time on Ugly/ Awesome:

Madrid! Art! Statues! Bachelorette parties! A bar called “Latina Turner”! Don’t miss it!