The Long Lost Barcelona Post

I’m alive!! I’m sorry to have worried anyone who thought that I may have fallen off the Earth or was possible abducted by otherworldy beings.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I have had a slightly rough time in life since I last posted. But all is well and good now and I finally feel happy again. Happy enough to continue sharing all my Awesome moments with you. And my Ugly ones.

SO!! I left you in agonizing suspense after my last post. I had just shared the lovely Wedding of two of my best friends in France, and had promised to impress you with tales and photos of Spain. So that’s where we begin today. I’m very sorry if all the summer imagery makes you sad because it’s so gross outside in real life.

After staying up until 5am the night of the wedding, we left at 7am the next morning to catch our flight to Barcelona. So if you’re wondering why it looks like Jamie and I have been beaten in our eyes, don’t worry – it’s only exhaustion.

After we found our hostel and got settled, we forced ourselves to take the subway to the Sagrada Familia so we would not be tempted to go to sleep for the next 48 hours and miss all of Barcelona. So we dragged ourselves there and I’m so happy we did. It was like being on Star Trek when they land on a futuristic alien planet where all the architecture looks like weird half plant/ half building madness. Except it was real and Antoni Gaudi had designed it all back in 1883. He must be from the future. Perhaps he is a Terminator.

After roaming around this place in a delusional state for a few hours, we floated back to our hostel where we landed in bed for an afternoon Nap.

Cut to 3 hours later when the loudest noise I have ever heard wakes me up and propels me across the room in fear. I realize the ruckus is coming from outside, so I open the doors to our little terrace and down on the ground to the left, coming closer and closer are 20 people dressed in Yellow T-Shirts playing the drums. They’re all in sync and playing the same song. It reminds me of Braveheart. Behind them are another 30 people, just following them down the street. It is BIZARRE. I think “How interesting – a traveling drum troupe”. All of a sudden, I hear a second, different song and I look to my right and coming down the tiny alley is a group of 20 drummers in Green T-Shirts. I suddenly realize I’m involved in a deadly Spanish Drumming feud and the battle is about to occur directly below me. What actually happens is the two groups drum at each other aggressively for a very long time. It’s a lot like krumping. It all seems very scary, but in the end no one gets hurt because it’s just dancing.

By now I’m more awake than I’ve ever been in my life, so Jamie and I head out for Mexican food in Spain. Obviously.
The night life in Barcelona is unreal. I think Jamie put it best when he said “Barcelona would be a really great place for single people”. Nevertheless, we had a great time with our never ending supply of Cava despite being not-single.

The next day, we head to the famous Las Ramblas where we stumble upon a little cafe that serves me the best chocolate croissant ever made. It should have been bronzed. We go to the biggest, craziest food market called La Boqueria where you can buy any food on earth and also sit at little counters and eat gourmet street food too. It was very wonderful and smelly.

We walked around and bought some art, we walked down to the harbour and we went to get Pizza at a restaurant recommended by our lovely friends, Chuck and Gabie.

Sadly, that’s all the time we had in Barcelona, so we packed up our bags and left for the airport to catch our plane to Benalmadena, next to Malaga at the very bottom tip of Spain.

-Horrible raccoon eyes.
-Our first tapas experience in Spain. The Mexican restaurant choice came afterward (MUST EVERYTHING be fried into balls?).

-Pretty much everything else. I love the architecture in Barcelona and we had a great time exploring. This was also when we both realized neither of us know any Spanish. Olé!

– Do Jamie and Caitlin survive the treacherous night-drive from the airport to Sea-side Benalmadena??
– Is Benalmadena the tropical paradise they expected or is it more akin to an Irish meeting ground for underage alcoholics and sun-burnt diabetics?