There’s No Place Like Home

I’m back!

I’ve actually been back for about a week now but my brain couldn’t handle the thought of blogging yet. We took approximately 2000 photos over a 3 week period! And now I’ve gone through and edited them slightly (because although some might be boring to you, I’m using this blog to keep them forever in the cyberspace so you can just deal) and I’m breaking up my trip posts into tiny sections so as to not post thousands of photos at a time.

Also, I’m providing a bit of detail in reference to the pics but not as much as I would if you took me out for Sangria and asked me about my trip. This is because right now I feel like I’m one of those people everyone hates who comes back from an amazing trip and literally talks of nothing but their life-changing trip for the next 6 months. So if you actually want me to tell you all about it, take me out for Sangria, otherwise I’m giving the Cole’s Notes.

It begins: We get to France. Woo! We traveled with our dearest pals Chris and Danica on the plane from Toronto to Paris and on the train from Paris to Avignon. We then picked up the rental car and drove to Saint-Remy de Provence where we arrived in our humble abode for the next week.

When we got to the cottages, at first we thought we were in the wrong place as this seemed to be conveniently located to all the town amenities. We assumed that in order for a quaint cottage to be quaint it had to also be far away from everything, hidden in a forest or a field of sunflowers or something. As it turned out all the groomsmen (save for one who had not yet arrived) and their ladies were sharing a cottage that completely exceeded all of our expectations and completely lived up to it’s title of “quaint cottage in the South of France” whilst being close to the town, market, butcher, etc. which was very convenient.

The day after we arrived, we somehow managed to get up early to go for a run where we encountered an amazing view and a herd of sheep and one goat. After our run, the bride and groom (Kari and Will) took us to a gorgeous little village called Séguret where we had lunch at delicious restaurant in the sky, Le table du Comtat. This is where we first got the impression our week would be filled with bizarre and delicious food made to Kari and Will’s very high standards. The food was delicious and the view was amazing. On the way back, the second car left without us because we were taking too long photographing the village. Close your eyes and picture the South of France. If you’ve never been there, you probably picture the fairy tale version. That’s what Séguret was. The exact village inside your head.

That evening, more of Kari and Will’s friends arrived (they were staying in separate cottage next door). We decided to have everyone over for a get to know you party which will go down in history as being the best European party I’ve ever been to (Except the wedding reception of course!). I know a lot of people who like to travel and who have been very lucky to find themselves in many corners of the word from time to time, but I don’t know many who were lucky enough to experience these places with a big group of their best friends. And that’s how the party happened.

Surprisingly, I thought the Ugly list would be longer like I would be extra miserable about normal life things when I got back, but to be completely honest, lots of good things have happened since I got back and even though I’m back at work and not in France, I feel good. I genuinely understand the complete necessity for vacations now. They’re not just for funsies. They’re for your mental health.

Getting to relive memories by sorting through all these pictures! I’m sure I’ll be sick of them soon, but now I love it. Also, gelato. Gelato is awesome.

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One thought on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Amazing photos! Looks like, once again, you are having TOO MUCH FUN!!!!! Love the shot of the circular fountain and its gargoyles, and the weeping moss photos, and of course, the jump photos. The cottage is amazing.

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