The Circle of Life

So, I just woke up from a 3 week long coma!
That’s why I haven’t been blogging…because of the coma. Except somehow I appear conscious in all my pictures. It’s a miracle?

Now I’m just confusing you. I admit I have no good reason to abandon the world of blog except that I feel like I’ve been insanely busy. Maybe I actually haven’t been, but I feel like I have!

We are departing on our Europe adventure 7 days from today. 7 DAYS. I’ve been driving Jamie up the wall with my anal planning and stressing about the LEAST important things in history. (I’ve never worked so hard to buy a pair of shoes in my life). I think this stems from the fact that I consider this to be my first real sunny-time vacation. Ever. I’m sorry family, but 7 days in a minivan driving to and from the maritimes only partially counts as a vacation. This will be my first time outside of North America, my first time adventuring in another culture (Again, Halifax doesn’t count…) and the first time in I’ve ever taken this much time off work (unemployment doesn’t count, right? Not really a vacation…). So I’ve accidentally put all this pressure on myself to make sure it’s perfect. Which is silly. Jamie attempts to calm the crazy me but I don’t blame him for silently moonwalking out of a room when he senses I’m about to talk about YET another bathing suit option. I envy his ability to escape my brain.

So anyway, in the midst of sabotaging my relaxing vacation by turning all my muscles into searing pain balls of tension, I’ve taken loads of photos which have been patiently waiting in my camera to be rescued! These include pics from Jamie’s 27th birthday in April (Cinco de Mayo themed!), from Dan’s and my road trip to Kingston for Easter, Jamie and me trying out Barque (new BBQ restaurant in Roncy!), being athletic at the Spring Sprint for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and my night out to see The Lion King with my lovely lady, Meley and her friend, Nameer. SEE! I HAVE BEEN BUSY!

I will post again before I leave to say Bon Voyage, but then I think I’ll be out for the count until June when I return. If I do blog, it means we’ve been befriended by Russian millionaires in France and I’m using their Wi-Fi.

WHY do I obsess over such insanity? I swear if you tossed me out a plane with a small backpack of necessities, I would be perfectly happy. But when given the opportunity to bring more, I must make the perfect decisions as to what is packed and what is not. It’s like I’m holding auditions at my house for who can come in the suitcase. Not everyone can come, and everyone has to write a 1,000 page essay as to why I should bring them, then I read all those essays and mark them based on a standardized system and only then do I decide what gets packed. LOONEY BIN MATERIAL. (I don’t actually do that…)

I’m giddy with anticipation. Europe is upon us.

One thought on “The Circle of Life

  1. Didn’t know you saw Lion King! It is such a wonderful show -did we see it together? I know I saw it with someone…Love all those Easter photos. . . . . . .LOL!! Jamie’s birthday looked like fun! Your post made me laugh, I agree with you about the week long mini-van trip!

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