Skin Tags

Hello world!

It’s snowing today. It’s the middle of April. I cry.

To warm the cockles of my heart on this chilly day, I shall take a walk down memory lane. To last weekend. When it was warm.

Jamie and I went to an event that was way too cool for us called Graff on Girls which was held at Proper Reserve on Queen. My pal, Chris, is an artist of many mediums including but not limited to Graffiti and photography. He invited us to this art show/party where we drank beer, looked at awesome art and chatted with lovely ladies who were getting body-graffitied. We also got kicked out by some undercover Po-pos at the end of the night, so we got to feel really badass whilst simultaneously being the least badass people at the party. Success!

The next day, we had to recover from being so wild and out of control (sarcasm) so we went for a coffee and walk in High Park. It was sooo warm and pretty and I started taking nature photos and couldn’t stop! I guess that was spring. It lasted one week, then we skipped summer and fall and now we’re back to winter again! Who’s up for some hot chocolate?

-Never-ending winter.
-For dinner tonight, I put a frozen block of something chicken into the slow cooker. Jamie and I are taking bets on how long it’s been in the freezer. The chemical waste will be ready in 4 hours…..blech.

-In less than one month, we will be in Europa and will be (hopefully) basking in the sun all day!
-Easter next weekend! That means a trip home to Kingston, Ontario and a visit with the fam. Woot!

6 thoughts on “Skin Tags

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