The Maritime Trade.

So, the ladies and I decided to try our hand at a very popular board game called Settlers of Catan. I hadn’t heard of it, but the gals were all over it, so we made a special night to test it out. I was very into learning all the rules before playing. Emily didn’t care so much and was getting tired of waiting for me to explain everything in a British accent. Eventually I gave up, knowing that I would fare better because I had paid attention to the intricacies of the game. Two hours later, I was tipsy on Cream Soda and Vodka, and Emily had beaten us all. This was an important life lesson and one I won’t soon forget.

Last night a couple of us gals hit the town to celebrate my friend, Kari’s upcoming nuptials! Kari is a lovely, classy, sweet lady and opted to not slip greasy fivers in the tight underpants of scantily clad man dancers. Instead, we got together for an artsy night of Tim Burton fun and martinis at Hey Lucy!

I enjoyed the Tim Burton exhibit but I wish it had been longer. It focused a bit too much on his newer work and not enough on his old classics. I would have preferred to see more Edward Scissorhands and less Corpse Bride, personally. But all in all, it was pretty cool to see his lesser known work as well as his personal collection of sketches and drawings, etc. he used as inspiration for a bunch of his movies. The best part was an intense short that I believe was commissioned for Disney and aired on one of their family- based channels in the 80’s. It was completely bizarre and I wish they still aired such craziness.

We made our way to Hey Lucy for martinis (I got a blue one called the tidy bowl and an extra dirty martini) and then began a hilarious journey trying to get Alison’s car out of it’s parking spot. The feat involved having to push several large garbage cans out of the way and directing Alison out of the lot using vocal and visual signals. We attracted a large man that stood in his underwear at his apartment door, staring but not offering to help. Odd.

This morning was a lovely crisp day and I decided to venture down through Parkdale for a little long-overdue perusing of the area. I live pretty close to Queen and Landsdowne (In Roncesvalles) but I never find myself walking along Queen to explore. I stopped in a store called MODEHAÜS and took pretty pictures of all the fun stuff. Reminds me of a store I went to in Thornbury once. It makes you want to decorate your cottage.

I also went vintage window shopping, but all the shoes were too small. Damn you 21st century feet! The highlight of my trip was Mother India. Owned by the same folks who own Ghandi’s, they are the creators of the most delicious rotis on the planet. I assume. I got a Saag Paneer roti for myself and picked up a spicy butter chicken for Jamie. All in all, extremely successful afternoon! And now I’ll be full for days!

Ugly: The tidy Bowl. So gross looking.

Awesome: The tidy bowl! So delicious!

One thought on “The Maritime Trade.

  1. Love your Sunday walk photos! Lots of cool things to look at! And I’m hoping you ate that olive that you left in your Martini glass. . .can’t let things like olives go to waste!

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