I was framed.

No, really I was. In November, Jamie and I celebrated our 5th anniversary (of dating…). One of his gifts to me was a set of 5 picture frames which were meant to fill a particularly blank wall in our apartment. Since then, I’ve looked through five years worth of photos of our adventures together and my favourites just happened to be the from trip he and I took for the same anniversary. So, this weekend we got our photos printed and took our frames to get the hooks attached. And now we have a lovely little picture wall full of some of my favourite Jamie/Caitlin moments! Complete with Jump pictures! (Obviously)

Last weekend, I went to a clothing swap at Cheryl’s where we ladies brought bags and bags of our pre-loved items to find a new home for them. So many of us had the same story- these particular items had hung in our closet ignored for too long, but whenever the day came to purge our wardrobes and fill up the Goodwill bags, we just couldn’t let such a nice (or expensive) thing go so easily. This way, that dress that I fell in love with, spent too much on and then let hang getting dusty for several years went to someone I knew would appreciate it, and I somehow felt better giving it away to someone I might one day get to see wear it!
But don’t think it was just clothes either. There was a vast array of unwanted items from DVDs and VHS tapes (I parted ways with Charlie’s Angels 1 and 2) to a cell phone to stationary. My favourite was a book of postcards featuring cuddly small animals next to statements of bad tidings.

All in all, I had a good, albeit slow, couple of weeks. I was sick for a good part of it, so a ladies night in and living room redecorating was in perfect harmony with my mood!


-Being sick for the last little while. Blech.
-We went on a jog yesterday. I haven’t jogged since playing soccer last summer (ballet is not jogging). Today I am moving exactly like a 70 year old shuffle board player.


-New, free, clothes!
-March Madness. I don’t even like basketball that much, but there have been some intense games! And I have to say I get way too emotional for my own good. Not as in anger, as in sadness for the losing team. They’re just 6 foot tall students!!
-Jamie and I bought what seems like an entire market full of fruits and veggies to make juice with. We’re very into juice right now…

One thought on “I was framed.

  1. Glad you’re not sick anymore. I was sick last week too. Read: Stomach flu and now relining my stomach and strengthening my sphinct- never mind.

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