Groundhog Day

Well, there it was. My first case of blogger’s block. Was I too busy, too sickly, too lazy? Was I trapped in an endless cycle of Groundhog Days until I learned to be a better person? Probably a cocktail of all four. But I’m back.

Too much has happened since I last wrote to catalogue my daily activities as I would in any other post. That’s probably pretty boring anyway, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that I can’t quite recall where I photographed that piece of cheesecake or who I was pole dancing with. These things must sometimes remain mysteries.

Instead, I’m going to catch up by posting a very random selection of my favourite photos from the last few weeks. Very few will have any context so try to imagine a world where my explanations for situations are witty and entertaining and I’m always the main character and then you can fill in the rest yourself. (Be kind…)

Here’s to getting back on the bloggy wagon.


Accidentally not blogging for a month, food poisoning, remembering as I do every 6 months that I have no talent for doing my nails and there’s a reason I pay someone $13 to do them for me.


Blogging again, getting excited and prepared for France/Spain, actually working on a couple of extra-curricular creative projects (woot!), new yoga/ballet pants that make my butt look amazing.

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