Special Features.

So after all the Christmas happened, I got to hang out with some very special folks from Kingston who I rarely get to see. It was my good friend, Sandy’s birthday so we all head out to The Toucan for some beers and tequila and general shenanigans.

The next day I was lazy and my parents and I watched Avatar – the super special bonus disc edition where there was actually an extra hour-long documentary about how they made the movie. It was pretty interesting in a super-nerdy way. We also watched the Inception DVD I got for Christmas and it contained 10 minutes of useless extras. Very disappointing. I like the movie a lot, but the best parts of the movie in my mind are the ones where I can’t seem to explain to myself exactly how they shot it. The story is cool, but truthfully, the movie is not good for the brilliant characters or acting (don’t get me wrong- I like a lot of the actors, but there’s so much exposition in the script, it’s hard for them to strut their stuff) . The plot is pretty cool and unique but in general it’s one of those movies I like because it just looks so awesome. And I would have enjoyed seeing how they did some of that stuff, but I guess I’ll have to wait until they release they super-crazy ultimate DVD edition where they actually show the behind the scenes action. Wow. That was a rant. And possibly the nerdiest thing I’ve ever written on this blog. I wish someone would make a DVD of collected behind the scenes documentaries. I actually like the behind the scenes documentary for Pirates of the Caribbean more than I liked the actual movie. Someone go ahead and make that DVD now. Please.

I also saw The Tourist (which was not as bad as I assumed it would be) and The Fighter which was amazing! I’m pretty sure I’ve been in love with Christian Bale ever since Newsies. I can’t help it.

-After we saw The Fighter, we went to Denny’s for midnight mozzarella sticks. Apparently everyone else in Kingston decided to go to Denny’s at midnight too and there was only one waitress. I felt sad for her. I wanted to perform a Christmas miracle and whip on an apron and come to her aid, but I thought we might get kicked out instead.

-I bought soooooo many patterned 80’s old man sweaters at Value Village yesterday. It’s going to be my new thing. They’re so cheap and warm and apparently fashionable. Who knew? Kablam!

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