The Island of Forgotten Posts

Well, this this a weird post.

I feel like this week has been full of fun things I’ve done, and yet, apparently I couldn’t be bothered to document any of it.

This week, I went to see Burlesque with Celeste. There were several men in business suits (some were alone). It was strange. I would say for any closet Cher fans like myself, this is a must see. Mainly because I don’t know how many more opportunities you will get to see her sing and dance and whatnot before she needs to integrate a walker into her scenes. Just kidding. Maybe. However, as much as I hate to admit it (because the acting was super lame in a hilarious way) I actually enjoyed it! The song and dance numbers were done really well and somewhere in the last couple of years, X-Tina became attractive while I wasn’t looking.

I also saw Black Swan with Jamie this week and I’m going to be really annoying here and say it was one of the best films I’ve seen. Ever. It’s the kind of movie that made me want to make movies when I was a wee lass. Very inspiring and creepy and amazing.

I did all my Christmas shopping yesterday and I’m 80% done I think. WooooO!!

So, because I forgot to document any of this, I’m posting some forgotten pics of events gone by that kept getting pushed to the “I have too many pictures, I’ll post these next week” pile. And for this, I am shamed. I will now give them the glory they deserve.

There’s that time when my good friend, Dr. Mike came to live in Toronto for a while and we had drinks and fish and chips at The Village Idiot Pub. We people- watched out the window and made girls uncomfortable by staring at them perversely. Good times.

Then there was the time that my lovely ladies Sonia, Claire and Olga made a movie called “A Dragged Out Affair” that premiered at Reel Asian Film Festival (I make a cameo in the movie. It’s a real classy part). We went to see some of the Queens perform at Zippers later that night, where Claire’s mom joined us, danced her buns off and saved us from creepy wall-dwellers by discussing her husband with them. Amazing, Carol. Amazing.

The rain outside! I was thinking about finishing off my shopping today, but it is wet and gross.
Today, trying to make waffles/ bacon/ coffee feast, I broke my sugar bowl, our syrup fell on the floor, cracking and exploding syrup everywhere, the bacon broke and became like bacon bits. Still everything was delicious, but something seemed to be against us…

Sunday at home with the ugly rain outside, watching football and eating waffles and nachos (Your welcome, love handles).
P.S. Do I use this as my “Awesome” every week? Potentially…I will investigate.
Also, we went dancing last night. I love dancing. And we met some incredibly lovely people who I hope to see more of.

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