This is it. Don’t get scared now.

It’s that time of the year again! If you know me at all (which you might not) you know that I become holiday crazed. Doesn’t matter which holiday, I love them all. I would decorate for Labour Day if there was a colour scheme.

I recently put up all my Christmas decorations and therefore my apartment has been transformed into a holly, jolly, welcoming zone of warmth. Every day when I walk in the door, I am briefly transported into the following films: Little Women, Home Alone, Christmas in Connecticut and a Muppet Christmas Carol.

When I am forced against my will to take down these decorations (Probably in February) I will go through a very sad period of holiday withdrawal which I will eventually remedy by decorating for Valentine’s Day.

Last night was the TPM Holiday Party which was pretty awesome. There were live bands aplenty including my friend Daryl’s band, The Remnants. I have to say it was an amazing set which was topped off by a spontaneous dance party triggered by “Rockin’ in the Free World”. All in all it was a super fun time with an excess of dessert. Perfect.

Today, Jamie and I enjoyed the laziest of Sundays where we made a roast in the slow cooker, folded laundry, watched football and went for a neighbourhood walk to look at the Christmas lights (and peer into unsuspecting neighbour’s windows). I also made mashed cauliflower with cheese today and I declare it is 40% better than mashed potatoes.

We also booked our flights for May today! We are now officially 100% going to France and Spain in May for the wedding of some dear friends. I’m excited because it will be my first time to Europe, not to mention my first real “sunny holiday” vacation. And by that I mean it won’t take place in a car, it will last longer than 5 days, there will be sun and it will be warm and there will be beaches. Plus, I will be in Spain on my birthday! And 25 is a landmark birthday, so Spain seems appropriate for such an occasion. So, it’s time to start saving my pennies and making crafts for people’s Christmas presents. (It’s the thought that counts, not the crafting ability, right?)

So cold. I’m sorry, I am a walking contradiction. I love the snow and the Christmas lights and all the dreamy winter wonderland thoughts in my head but when I open my eyes it’s overcast and windy, there’s snot running down my face and my hood makes my hair matte to my head like a shag carpet.

Christmas stuff. Prepare your eyes for a plethora of red and green posts to come. Unless you are colour blind in which case you can relax.

3 thoughts on “This is it. Don’t get scared now.

  1. I’ve created a monster. . .not really! But you start a few weeks before I do! Tree is up, lights are on, well most of them anyway, which is why the tree is not decorated yet. Need a few more lights…My favourite part of decorating the tree are the memories, I think that’s true for you too!

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