The traditional 5th anniversary gift is Wood.

So that’s for married people, but it’s still funny.

This weekend was good. Like very very amazingly good. Not to get all mushy and gross, but this weekend was probably the most romantic thing ever thought up. Including Valentines Day. And bubble baths with rose petals and chocolate covered strawberries. And Pretty Woman. My weekend was better than all of that.

On Thursday, it was Jamie’s and my 5 year anniversary. CRAZY!!

We went for a lovely, low-key dinner on Thursday night with the plan to go on a special anniversary trip for the weekend. The trip was all Jamie’s idea. It was planned and executed without my help at all because the entire thing was a surprise. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing, only that I needed to pack a bag on Friday night. I asked if I had to bring my passport. I did not. That’s all I knew.

On Saturday morning, we hit the road bright and early and could not have had a better day for a drive. It was sunny and awesome and as we headed south towards the QEW, I began to sense where we were headed. Once you start going south-west of Toronto without a passport, there are only so many places you can end up in. I knew we were headed towards wine. And I was right!

At 11am, we arrived at Tawse wineries where we had a tour of the facilities and a wine-tasting. A couple of months ago, Jamie and I tried a wine at a restaurant in Roncesvalles (Blue Plate) which was amazing but we couldn’t buy it at the LCBO. The wine was the Echos riesling that Tawse makes. While we were there, we tried an even better riesling (The Tawse Riesling) which we bought a case of on the spot because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with it in matrimony. That’s how good it was.

After that, we made our way to surprise location #2- the Britaly Bed and Breakfast in Niagara on The Lake. It was gorgeous. All the rooms are decorated so fancy-like and each have a country-themed room. We stayed in The English Room where we had a couch and a fireplace and a bathroom. Graham and Aldo (the owners) put mints on our pillows that night. LIKE IN A MOVIE!

We walked through a pretty nature path to get to the main street where we had a fantastic dinner at Zee’s. We got a table next to the fireplace so it was all cozy and warm-like. I had the rack of lamb and Jamie had the beef tenderloin. Definitely some of the best lamb I’ve ever had.

After dinner, there was one surprise left which turned out to be a play at the Royal George Theatre. The play was Harvey by Mary Chase. I have to say, although it was very well executed (great acting, amazing set design, etc.) I think the story and the humour is geared towards an older generation. Nevertheless, I love going to the theatre no matter what, so I was happy.

The next morning, delicious coffee was brought up to the hallway outside our bedroom so we could open the door, grab a cup and sit by the fireplace. I love clichés. I try to live them out as often as possible. When we went downstairs, Graham and Aldo had prepared a 5 star meal with home-made granola with fresh berries and cream, fresh out of the oven blueberry muffins and a mushroom, spinach and ricotta cheese frittata. And an endless supply of coffee. It actually was the closest thing I’ve ever witnessed in real life to The Feast in the Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base. I always wished to come across a table set like that in real life, and this was pretty much on par.

We stopped by an antique store on the way out of town to dream about stuff we could buy if we had anywhere to put it and that was our Niagara on the Lake Grande Finale. The whole weekend was perfect.

My belly after stuffing it with an extraordinary amount of food. Like a zeppelin.
The length of this post. I’m sorry! I couldn’t edit!! It was all too important.

My amazing boyfriend, Jamie. You won’t hear me gushing all girly-like about him very often, but I feel he deserves this one. Well played, sir. Well played.

2 thoughts on “The traditional 5th anniversary gift is Wood.

  1. Sounds like such a great weekend! I LOVE how you have a picture of yourself sitting by the fireplace channeling Jo March!!

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