It was a graveyard Smash.

Happy Halloween!!

It was snowing today and because pretty much all of my Halloween celebrating occurred yesterday, I was so tempted to turn on Christmas music and begin my next holiday obsession. (Christmas is my favourite holiday and for me it lasts about 3 months).

Last night Jamie and I went over to our friends’ place for awesome pre-Halloween dance party snacks and beverages. There, we met up with The Riddler and trailer-trash Barbie and Ken. Jamie and I went as Sandy and Danny from Grease because we know all the songs and we embody them completely on a regular basis so it made sense. I put one thousand gallons of hairspray in Jamie’s hair and wore the tightest pants ever created. We met up with other folks at Lee’s Palace where we danced and danced until we could no longer. My feet took a pretty brutal beating and by the end of the night, Jamie was giving me piggybacks simply to stop my whining. My hero.

At the moment, I’m waiting for the crowds of children to come barreling down the street seeking candy and Halloween spirit but so far I’ve only seen a couple of old people and a jogger. And neither of them wanted a chocolate bar. What is wrong with the world??? Remember when you had to line up outside of a house because there were already so many trick-or-treating kids on the porch it looked like it could collapse? Porches are safe these days. There is no chance of porch damage due to overwhelming child response. I will be lucky if a child wants to egg my house at this rate.

The world today. Parents feed their kids hershey bars every day now just to get them to shut up so it’s no wonder children have no concept of how amazing it is that a day exists for no reason other than to walk around and get pillowcases full of free candy. We should start handing out cell phone minutes or Justin Bieber posters instead.

-I had a super fun time dancing at Lee’s Palace. The Halloween party is very retro and plays only fun music from the 50’s and 60s, so you can do the mashed potato and also the twist, etc. while wearing your hilarious get-ups.
-The fact that my hair is still extremely permed from giving myself the Sandy ‘fro yesterday. I kind of like it. It makes me feel crazy. Like I could snap at any moment…

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