Happy Thanksgibbing back.

Last week was a bit of a jumble for me.

On one hand, I had a very relaxing and heart-warming Thanksgiving with the folks and a night out on Saturday with old friends but on Monday we drove to Niagara Falls for a funeral on Tuesday. It was a bit of happy and a bit of sad. As is such with life.

On Saturday, my parents and I went to Fort Fright at Fort Henry where I laughed maniacally every time my mom was scared to tears by a psycho clown. My mom’s fear of clowns did not fare well at this year’s theme: Carnival Abnormal.
That was fun.

After that, I went out with some old friends to wreak havoc around Kingston. There were impromptu dance parties, lemon fights a-plenty and it all ended in a playground I haven’t seen since I was 9. Well done folks. Well done.

Sunday was a day of shoe shopping where I literally looked in every shoe store in Kingston looking for the perfect fall-time boot and I had nearly given up on the perfect style to price ratio, when on a whim, I decided to go into Zellers where I happened to find the perfect $50 boot!!!! Why do I shop anywhere else?

That night we had Thanksgiving dinner with my grandma, grandpa, uncle Kenny and my Mom’s new friend. I love Thanksgiving dinner soo much. I make the perfect deviled egg. That’s my specialty. I will bring deviled eggs to every potluck I’m ever invited to ever. Major crowd pleaser.

On Monday, we hit the road to go to Niagara Falls for our friend’s funeral. The hotel was pretty cheezy and hilarious, so my mom and I did a photo shoot to incorporate something not sad into the day.

The rest of the week was busy as poop if poop was a stock-broker or something. I just returned from the Canada’s Walk of Fame Gala thing, but you’ll have to wait for that story. PATIENTLY.

Sadness, seeing people you should see more often in unfortunate circumstances.

The turkey sandwich: plain, whole wheat Dempsters bread, then leftover turkey, then cranberry sauce, then the “moist-maker” (a piece of bread that has been soaked in gravy), then more turkey, more cranberry, top bread, cover entire thing in gravy- warm it up. It will be served to me at the gates to Heaven.

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