Very Important People

Friends. I fear I may have overdosed on turkey. My fingers aren’t moving very fast, typing-wise. Although, that could also be food-related exhaustion.

I’ve been in lovely Kingston, Ontario for the last couple of days enjoying nice fall weather and family and friends. I’m way behind on my photos though, so you’ll just have to wait for turkey pictures.

Last week I went out to dinner with my old friend Dan. I’ve known Dan for 12 years. WTF. I have friends that I’ve known for longer, but out of all the friends I see pretty regularly, I’ve probably known him the longest- along with some of the other grade 7 Calvin Park kids that I still see. Plus we were roomies for a while and we would spend entire Saturdays eating multiple plates of Nachos and watching Star Trek TNG. So, that earns him extra points. Anyway, we went to Midi Bistro and had lovely steak and wine and had a grand old time as we always do.

On Wednesday, I went to the symphony at Roy Thompson Hall with Kate, another long-time special friend. (I saw her in the halls in grade 7 but we didn’t become super-pals until high-school). It was my first time to the symphony in Toronto even though I’ve wanted to go ever since I moved here many moons ago. On top of it being my first time, the program was “Best of Barber” and one of my favourite pieces of music is Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”. If you’ve never heard it, go listen to it right now. So, that was pretty amazing hearing it in person. And Kate was great company because we both love people watching and there was quite a selection at the symphony.

Thursday was the Scion launch party (we went to the VIP party, boom) which I have to say was pretty swanky and fun. They had delicious hors d’oeuvres like poutine, mini burgers, chili dogs, and powdered donuts. Also some of Chris’ graffiti friends were there to graffiti up the xB. You may be wondering why anyone would invite me to a VIP party. Because my company made the website. Shameless promotion:


Actually something very ugly happened last week. On Friday I found out that one of my family’s very good friends had suddenly passed away. He and his wife met my parents in University, and all four of them were best friends. They got married around the same time, had us kids around the same time (their oldest is four days older than me) and our family’s lives have mimicked each other since as long as I can remember. He was very much like an uncle to me and it’s devastating to think that his family which has resembled mine so much until now is going through something so tragic. This weekend, the whole Thanksgiving thing resonated more than it usually does as I was actually reminded about how lucky I am.


Especially because of the bad news last week, I was extremely grateful to be able to come home and spend some quality time with the folks. The fall colours in Kingston were amazing this weekend and I also got to hang out with some good friends and have some fun. But I’ll save this weekend’s news for the next post.

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