Nuit Bland (oh snap)

This weekend I was very culinarily inclined.

On Saturday I made amazing pancakes which were awesome. I also sang while cooking so it was breakfast and a show. Also, you should feel blessed that I’ve allowed you to gaze upon my Saturday morning, unwashed, unpruned smelly bum self. You’re Welcome.

We were preparing for a long night of ART at Nuit Blanche so we ate pancakes for sustenance. We also drank booze for sustenance as well. Because art isn’t art without booze. Celeste, Chris and Jazzy came over to watch Mean Girls before hitting the artistic road (yes, they came over SPECIFICALLY to watch Mean Girls and I did not force them to watch it)(just kidding). Then we went out into the streets to experience the Art. 4 hours later, I had seen too many drunk people and little to no art. What’s that installation called? Oh, it’s called “Caitlin drools on self out of exhaustion and annoyance”. It’s ART. Too bad, so sad. It was fun running around the city for a while until it wasn’t anymore. If there were more interesting things to see, perhaps it would have been different, but really, Nuit Blanche? Where was all the interesting stuff?

Sunday was amazing because Jamie and I woke up at noon. I haven’t done that in a while. I wish I could do it more often but these days anything past 10 and I get a headache and have to get up. Remember when I was a teenager and I could sleep until 3pm? What happened to that?

That day we went out to brekkies at our favourite spot on Roncy, I bought my ingredients to make French onion soup and then we holed up at home for the rest of the day experiencing onion aromatherapy and watching football. I am a Giants fan. Because I remember the quarterback’s name. Woot!


Nuit Blanche. I remember a time during Nuit Blanche when I could walk in any direction downtown and come across something at least out of the ordinary within ten minutes. We walked from Liberty village to Yonge without so much as a sad clown in a glass box.


Sundays making soup and lazing about on the couch. After 6 hours, your whole house smells like soup and it’s like a big onion blanket. (In my head, that’s a good thing)

Mabel’s bakery on Roncesvalles. So many great cupcakes and French bread and dips and salads and amazing yummies.

Hot chocolate made from real chocolate, not powder. Also Iced tea made from real tea, not powder. Both in one day. BOOM.

The Social Network. SEE IT.

One thought on “Nuit Bland (oh snap)

  1. I have to laugh – or at least smile- when I think of the little girl who hated onions!I’m sure it was onion soup that changed your mind! Your soup looks awesome. You just need those little bowls with the handles! And you do look cute first thing in the morning!

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