The Great Outdoors

Sorry about the post drought! My computer went on holidays for a bit.

Last weekend I went on a lovely cottage trip with some friends. The first and only cottage trip of the summer (even though it was more like fall). Don’t ask me where it was. I don’t know. Somewhere near Peterborough. On a lake. It was gorgeous. Awesome weather- a bit chilly but in a nice crisp autumn way where we snuggled up in blankets and built fires and stuff.

It was super fun and we played made-up sports and jumped in the lake (sooo cold) and roasted marshmallows and played board games and had an all around superfun time. It was very reminiscent of The Great Outdoors. The cottages had that 70s feel about them. Some day I want an entire room of my house to be decorated entirely with bird motifs. It’s very calming. And a little creepy.

I’m really getting pumped about fall now and I love doing all the stereotypical things you’re supposed to do in fall time like take walks in the woods and pick up red leaves and buy sweaters and scarves and squashes to decorate your house. I’m also getting very soup oriented. That’s how you know it’s fall- I feel the need to make soup all the time.

Hopefully I’ll post a bit more in the upcoming days as I loooove taking pictures of fall stuff. Prepare yourself for orange overload!!!!!


Although 99% of the cottage trip was amazing we did have some bad luck in that Will was battling some feverish illness and Kari lost her purse on the way home! That wasn’t cool. I felt very bad for them both. Hopefully this means they will not have bad luck for several weeks. Trust in Karma. Also: never play Pictionary with loved ones. Ever.


Pretty much everything else about the trip. I used to live in a house with a woodstove and when I was young my dad taught me how to build a fire. I hadn’t made one in years so I gave myself the ole pat on the back after I made a fire in one of the cottages fireplaces. Be proud of me Dad! It was a good one!

2 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Brings memories of when we used to go to Kennebec Lake every fall. We did more or less the exact same things! I love the smell of a campfire too. 🙂

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