Feed a cold…soup.

Summer is coming to a close. While I enjoyed the raucousness and general party overdose of the summer, I have to say I am enjoying the calmness that comes with fall. Ask me again in 3 weeks and I will tell you “You are crazy, I would never say that. I am bored”. But as of right now, I am sick with a cold and completely happy to laze about all over my couch doing absolutely nothing. (I would rather be doing this without the illness, but it gives me a good excuse).

This week was choc-full of exciting things such as:

-Going on the internet.
-Doing Laundry.
-Reading Magazines.
-Blowing my nose ALOT.
-Trying not to overdose on NyQuil.
-More napping.

But I think the most exciting part of my week was making homemade soup on Sunday. This always happens in the fall. I get the soup fever. The air is chilly and the leaves are pretty and I need to make soup. Because I wasn’t feeling so good I thought I’d go with a tried and true favourite instead of my usual experimentation. I had most of the ingredients already, and I just had to mope over to the corner store across the street for the remainder. I think I frightened the girl behind the counter with my day-old-makeup/hair/breath. Such is life.

Sunday night turned out to be lovely what with the Ham and Cheese Chowder, the Football and the True Blood season finale. Perfect (almost) fall evening.


All the snot. There’s lots of snot.


Fall-time feeling! (However, I am very excited to go to a cottage next weekend. As much as I love fall, I am hoping the weather warms up a bit for our excursion by the lake.)

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