No he can’t read my Joker Face

When my computer is working this slowly, it takes me one thousand years to transfer, edit and upload photos. After centuries of hard work, I give you: my week.

1. The Burger’s Priest. I have a thing about burgers. I don’t usually like them. I’m literally the most difficult person to impress at a BBQ. My favourite burger is from Harvey’s because it doesn’t taste like real meat, it tastes like something processed and delicious from the future. I don’t like when burgers are too thick because they are usually dry and I hate a dry burger. I also don’t like too much bun (again with the dryness- if I could dip everything I ate in Gravy, I’d be less picky) and it can’t be toasted, that is the worst. Now that you know how insanely picky and weird I am about burgers, I can tell you this: The Burger’s Priest. Perfect Hamburger. And it’s real meat and not from the future.

2. Hung out with Celeste and Glyde on the 3 Speed patio where a sunny day turned into torrential downpour. It was too busy inside, so we huddled together under the patchy patio roof. Super fun. I got “The Kitchen Plate” for dinner. Basically just delicious antipasto. And so many pickles!

3. Had a lazy day then went to late dinner with Jamie at the Wild Wings that opened up down the street. Pretty much the first dinner we’ve had together since his return.

4. Hit the town on Sunday night with the 2 Chrises, Monica, Jamie, Will and Kari. Went to The Underground (on King?). It’s a pretty fun place to dance around and they have very cheap beer. Then we went to a secret undisclosed location for shenanigans and a great view.

5. This morning I went to the dentist and they froze half my face. I was self conscious about it all day. I said I looked like the Joker but then Chris pointed out the Joker could use both sides of his face, so in fact I was more hideous than the Joker.


Dentist Drama. New Dentist wanted to rip me off and sell my teeth on the Black Market leaving me with a hole where my jaw should be. My old dentist said “Listen. I’m old. My house is paid off, my kids are finished school and I don’t need a Mercedes. Come back in a week and I’ll fix you. Also this appointment is free.” Love you old dentist.


Jamie being home. Just getting back into the swing of things. Remembering how nice it is to have someone around to tell bad jokes to and watch bad tv with. Also, I don’t want to say it because people are gonna yell at me, but…Fall is coming!!!! I LOVE FALLL!!!!!

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