Don’t You Forget About Me

I love when you leave your house thinking whatever you’re about to do is mundane and tiresome and at the end of the day there was something about it that you loved or at least made you happy. On the weekend, we went tile shopping at Olympia Tiles for Jamie’s parent’s house. This sounds very boring, but:
On the walk over to Jamie’s parent’s house, I spotted the first up-close super red tree of the year. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my obsession with autumn yet…Bah! *Slaps knee*

Also, the walk was really nice- the air was a bit crisp and walking next to High Park always makes me think I’m breathing in fresher air than anywhere else in Toronto. Even though I’m not.

At the tile store, it was very giant and pretty with all the tiles on the wall. Stuff like this is when normal people would be all “It’s just a tile store…that’s boring.” I say, yes it is boring, but also it is fun. It had an indoor foliage corner, free coffee and I got to satisfy an OCD compulsion I’ve had since I was little- I love the sound of high heels clicking on marble floor. Or just the feel of marble. I don’t really like houses with marble because it’s too fancy shmancy and cold but if I was a gazillionaire, I would have an entire room made of marble and mirrors like in “Return to Oz” and I would walk around in clicky heels and play my music wearing one of my many heads (watch the movie).

I’m one of those people that hippies hate because I love when stores decorate for Holidays. In the fall or Christmas especially, I like going through the mall or looking in stores’ window displays because it gives me the warm feeling. I don’t actually buy anything, I just appreciate a good holiday decorating scheme.

On Monday, the gals and I went to see “Easy A” and to have “Ladies Night” at Milestones where you drink Bellinis and eat appetizers for cheap. Bellinis were delicious (although lacking in booze), the apps were yummy and filling and Glyde appeared just in the nick of time to offer us some macaroons from Paris. Literally. She had been in Paris that morning, brought some macaroons on the plane, and when she landed, she came to see the movie with us and shower us with Parisian goods. What a champ. “Easy A” was amazing as it was expected to be considering it stars two of the world’s most talented and sexy-fine young lady comediennes, Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes. And a new favourite of mine, Alyson Michalka from Hellcats. Fine, laugh. But at the end of the day, you can’t do crazy flips with abs of steel and also play guitar and sing and be beautiful. So shush.

On Tuesday, my plans were cancelled so I came home earlier than expected and Jamie said he thought we could go out for dinner. What I thought was going to be a humble evening at Wild Wings turned out to be an amazing spontaneous fancy dinner date with Jamie at Blue Plate on Roncy. This is not a common occurrence and it was even better because it was sprung on me in a surprise-like fashion. Super-yummy food, great wine, great atmosphere and gross and romantic and stuff.

Amazing friend and receptionist at work left this week to go ahead into the world and do awesome stuff without me. Awesome for her, ugly for me 😦 Miiissss yooouuuu!

We played “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds as Meley walked out of the office for the last time…like in The Breakfast Club.
Free lunch at work today for farewell party! Am I not 600 lbs yet?…How could this be?…curious….

The Great Outdoors

Sorry about the post drought! My computer went on holidays for a bit.

Last weekend I went on a lovely cottage trip with some friends. The first and only cottage trip of the summer (even though it was more like fall). Don’t ask me where it was. I don’t know. Somewhere near Peterborough. On a lake. It was gorgeous. Awesome weather- a bit chilly but in a nice crisp autumn way where we snuggled up in blankets and built fires and stuff.

It was super fun and we played made-up sports and jumped in the lake (sooo cold) and roasted marshmallows and played board games and had an all around superfun time. It was very reminiscent of The Great Outdoors. The cottages had that 70s feel about them. Some day I want an entire room of my house to be decorated entirely with bird motifs. It’s very calming. And a little creepy.

I’m really getting pumped about fall now and I love doing all the stereotypical things you’re supposed to do in fall time like take walks in the woods and pick up red leaves and buy sweaters and scarves and squashes to decorate your house. I’m also getting very soup oriented. That’s how you know it’s fall- I feel the need to make soup all the time.

Hopefully I’ll post a bit more in the upcoming days as I loooove taking pictures of fall stuff. Prepare yourself for orange overload!!!!!


Although 99% of the cottage trip was amazing we did have some bad luck in that Will was battling some feverish illness and Kari lost her purse on the way home! That wasn’t cool. I felt very bad for them both. Hopefully this means they will not have bad luck for several weeks. Trust in Karma. Also: never play Pictionary with loved ones. Ever.


Pretty much everything else about the trip. I used to live in a house with a woodstove and when I was young my dad taught me how to build a fire. I hadn’t made one in years so I gave myself the ole pat on the back after I made a fire in one of the cottages fireplaces. Be proud of me Dad! It was a good one!

Feed a cold…soup.

Summer is coming to a close. While I enjoyed the raucousness and general party overdose of the summer, I have to say I am enjoying the calmness that comes with fall. Ask me again in 3 weeks and I will tell you “You are crazy, I would never say that. I am bored”. But as of right now, I am sick with a cold and completely happy to laze about all over my couch doing absolutely nothing. (I would rather be doing this without the illness, but it gives me a good excuse).

This week was choc-full of exciting things such as:

-Going on the internet.
-Doing Laundry.
-Reading Magazines.
-Blowing my nose ALOT.
-Trying not to overdose on NyQuil.
-More napping.

But I think the most exciting part of my week was making homemade soup on Sunday. This always happens in the fall. I get the soup fever. The air is chilly and the leaves are pretty and I need to make soup. Because I wasn’t feeling so good I thought I’d go with a tried and true favourite instead of my usual experimentation. I had most of the ingredients already, and I just had to mope over to the corner store across the street for the remainder. I think I frightened the girl behind the counter with my day-old-makeup/hair/breath. Such is life.

Sunday night turned out to be lovely what with the Ham and Cheese Chowder, the Football and the True Blood season finale. Perfect (almost) fall evening.


All the snot. There’s lots of snot.


Fall-time feeling! (However, I am very excited to go to a cottage next weekend. As much as I love fall, I am hoping the weather warms up a bit for our excursion by the lake.)

No he can’t read my Joker Face

When my computer is working this slowly, it takes me one thousand years to transfer, edit and upload photos. After centuries of hard work, I give you: my week.

1. The Burger’s Priest. I have a thing about burgers. I don’t usually like them. I’m literally the most difficult person to impress at a BBQ. My favourite burger is from Harvey’s because it doesn’t taste like real meat, it tastes like something processed and delicious from the future. I don’t like when burgers are too thick because they are usually dry and I hate a dry burger. I also don’t like too much bun (again with the dryness- if I could dip everything I ate in Gravy, I’d be less picky) and it can’t be toasted, that is the worst. Now that you know how insanely picky and weird I am about burgers, I can tell you this: The Burger’s Priest. Perfect Hamburger. And it’s real meat and not from the future.

2. Hung out with Celeste and Glyde on the 3 Speed patio where a sunny day turned into torrential downpour. It was too busy inside, so we huddled together under the patchy patio roof. Super fun. I got “The Kitchen Plate” for dinner. Basically just delicious antipasto. And so many pickles!

3. Had a lazy day then went to late dinner with Jamie at the Wild Wings that opened up down the street. Pretty much the first dinner we’ve had together since his return.

4. Hit the town on Sunday night with the 2 Chrises, Monica, Jamie, Will and Kari. Went to The Underground (on King?). It’s a pretty fun place to dance around and they have very cheap beer. Then we went to a secret undisclosed location for shenanigans and a great view.

5. This morning I went to the dentist and they froze half my face. I was self conscious about it all day. I said I looked like the Joker but then Chris pointed out the Joker could use both sides of his face, so in fact I was more hideous than the Joker.


Dentist Drama. New Dentist wanted to rip me off and sell my teeth on the Black Market leaving me with a hole where my jaw should be. My old dentist said “Listen. I’m old. My house is paid off, my kids are finished school and I don’t need a Mercedes. Come back in a week and I’ll fix you. Also this appointment is free.” Love you old dentist.


Jamie being home. Just getting back into the swing of things. Remembering how nice it is to have someone around to tell bad jokes to and watch bad tv with. Also, I don’t want to say it because people are gonna yell at me, but…Fall is coming!!!! I LOVE FALLL!!!!!