I’ll Be There For You…

Ah crazy week, how crazy you are.

This week was a sad one as my good friend, Claire prepared for her move to New York to become a famous screenwriter. We all got together to say good luck and farewell at a most bizarre bon voyage party which included Newsies sing-alongs, Claire being dressed up in a corset, Gossip Girl board game, drag show, fist pumping and Fran’s.

It was also Jamie’s sister, Katie’s birthday on Wednesday so I had a lovely dinner/wine/dance-at-the-table-athon with Katie, Leslie and Nancy. Yummy sausages and ice cream cake. Birthdays are awesome.

Then on Friday, Cheryl and I adventured to Ottawa to visit our old friend Ross and his lady, Jenn. They were amazingly awesome and hospitable and gorgeous. An their 2 doggies, Edwin and Edie were also very welcoming. On Saturday, we ventured to the Market for some shoppings and a Beaver Tail! I haven’t had a Beaver Tail in a million years and they are even more delicious than I remember. They live right next to the canal so it’s a nice walk back to their place along the water. Saturday night was Jenn’s birthday celebration where we did the following things:
-Went for Korean BBQ
-Ate a Barbie cake
-Sang Barbie Girl at Shanghai, a karaoke bar (we also carried a Barbie everywhere all night)
-Went to a strip club where 60% of the dancers were most likely pregnant.
-Danced to punk music at a dance club place.
-Barely convinced Ross’s stalker that he wasn’t Beck.
-Convinced a man named Shane to give me his sombrero
-Danced in hotel fountain a la Friends Intro
-Danced/posed on boats in the harbour
-Danced in construction site
-Basically it was America’s Next Top Model: Weird Photo Shoot Edition.

Sunday it was brekkies at a Columbian brunch place, a stroll around the Glebe and than time to head home. Boo. Slept a lot on the train. Pooped.

Just came back from the Dentist. I don’t want to eat anything for fear my entire mouth will collapse as is predicted by my dentist. Ouch also.

Pregnant Strippers.


Ottawa! So pretty and fresh and lovely. Going with Cheryl. It’s been a loooong time since Cheryl and I got to do much one-on-one adventure time styles. Such fun times.

Anything that made me pretty on Saturday was donated by Cheryl to the “I’m a skeez and don’t pack nice clothes” fund

One million photo shoots.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be There For You…

  1. I think this is the only blog I actually read on occasion… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    My cat is licking the inside of the Gold Fish bag… thought you should know.

    Also, I love you so much and had an excellent and hilarious weekend!!! We really need to “RANDOMLY” do a night in Toronto – perhaps in October if/when Jenn and Ross visit!??!?! YEAH.


  2. Awesome photos – you guys had such great fun! Nice that you have fond memories of March Break visits to Ottawa, though not as wild as this visit! I wish I could still eat Beavertails, just looking at yours made me remember how yummy they were!

    You looked great in Cheryl’s clothes, maybe you guys need to go shopping together. . .and bring me too! LOL!

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