Winner! Gagnon!

This week- lotsa stuff! Case closed.

I kid- case open.

My company had its annual Summer Party at Polson Pier where we played volleyball, drove some go-karts around, played human fooseball, jousted eachother and got free drinks all night. Good party- fun times, wicked sunset at the end of the day. I was proud because I didn’t sunburn while playing in the sun. Is it weird that I consider that a personal accomplishment? Way to go, skin.

This weekend, long lost Jamie came back from Edmonton for a measly 3 days for the family reunion. Although short, it was pretty sweet. On Friday, Jamie played a round of Golf whilst I played “Collingwood Vagrant”, wandering the streets looking for carbs. I called to them, “Carbs where are you?” And they said “We’re at the Village” So that’s where I went for lunch. Little did I know, the weekend was going to be packed with the most delicious array of never-ending food. Remember Supermarket Sweep? It was a game show where you had to run up and down the aisles of a grocery store putting as much food as you possibly could into your cart. That’s what I felt like by the end of the weekend. The cart.

The croquet tournament on saturday is an annual tradition and this year it was almost rained out, but in the end, a champion was crowned and everyone went back to planning next year’s tournament. As is usual. New tradition: Midnight Yoga (Read: a bunch of drunk people pulling muscles and falling over)


-Mr. Jamie’s brief cameo appearance.
-Love Collingwood. What’s not to love? Always fun to be had!


-The briefness of the cameo appearance.
-Can one human have more than two muffin tops? Because clearly, I’m working on a baker’s dozen.

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