Eat Nap Love

So full of corn…uuuuggh….corn coma….

Today I did the laundry, cleaned the whole apartment, picked up groceries and made corn for dinner. Now I’m beat. The corn beat me.

On Friday, Andrew, Matt and I had dinner at Dominion on Queen. The shrimp are ginormous! And delicious.

After that, I went to see Eat, Pray, Love with my girls. Save yourself 45 minute- go see Eat, take a nap through Pray and wake back up for Love. I think the movie would benefit from this viewing strategy.

After that it was Tortilla Flats for Strongbow, nachos, burritos and Free beer! All the people at the table beside us were already too drunk, and had ordered way more booze than they could actually consume. They paid for their bill, handed out half a bucket of coronas to random folk around the patio and left just as the appetizer platter they had ordered appeared. One girl took a few cheddar stick handfuls and left the rest. So there’s a giant table in the middle of the patio with a whole pitcher of beer and a sampler platter on it and everyone on the patio has this awkward vulture look and they’re all looking around to see who else is thinking the same thing. Everyone wants to take the leftovers, but no one wants to be that desperate. Except for us of course, so we took that pitcher and drank it! Ha! No one took the sampler though…shame.

Then, off to a Tequila bar on Ossington for Margaritas.

The next morning, I went to Easy Restaurant at Queen and Roncy for brekkies. Very yummy. Then I walked to high park for a little tanning action. On my way to the perfect tanning spot, I walked through the zoo and through the gorgeous gardens, greenhouse area. If you haven’t visited this summer- do it. High Park is by far one of my favourite places in Toronto. There’s always something different to do. I would have gone to the pool, but it was devil child hour. (Otherwise known as free swim for kiddies). So I lay around on the grass until the rain clouds came and the geese became violent. Good day overall- very summery. Sometimes I worry about letting summer pass me by because I get so excited for fall. I looooove fall. So I must force myself to remember summer is still here and I should take advantage. The end.

High park, as lovely as it is, it’s also Goose poop central. And my sandals have little traction. Nuff said.
The service at Java House on Queen. Oh, I’m sorry I forgot you HATE customers.

Thunder Storm today! woot!
Love having a clean apartment. Hate cleaning it, but love the result.
Jamie comes home this week (Thursday)! We’re off to the family reunion next weekend before he heads back to Edmonton for a while.

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