STOP! Hermit Time.

Oh are you still here? That’s nice. Sorry I abandoned you.

This week has been so super fun that I just couldn’t be bothered to document much of it- whoops! Below: a flow of consciousness adaptation of my week:

Friday- Blondies, Hey Girl Hey posse appears, drink, dance, stripper pole (clean…).

Saturday- Hey Girl Hey team shows up at Brunch with backup, I buy vegetables, and chicken and rum. Go to see Step Up 3D- rum in the coke, become insanely inspired by hip hop dance moves, gal time at my place, gearing up to go to karaoke, Jersey Shore AGAIN. Karaoke at Ports- Ports baby is there! They grow up so fast…my first Karaoke song ever – You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. EPIC. Lakeview- Apple Crumble. Claire Bear slumber party- watched Step Up 2- tried to memorize dance routines.

Sunday- Slumbered in late, went to brunch with C-dawg and Baby D at Sunrise Grill, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Enrique on the radio- catered to us. Afternoon was spent in an amazing laziness fog of movies, magazines and mixed nuts. Plus a sprint to the beer store at 5:58 pm. Too bad it closed at 5. Off to the Local for Waupoos and pub food- bangers and mash for me. Finished off the night with Mad Men/ True Blood screening and a bowl full of cherries.

Monday- After work trip to the gym for “Hardcore Abs” class and “Hip Hop Dance” class (due to Step Up inspiration). So much fun- felt so good after class. Felt not so good once I got home. Ouch.

Tuesday- Oh god the pain. Walking like an old man, complaining like one too. After work Dinner with Sandy at Jack Astors. mmm beer and cheddar soup. Not part of diet. Also not part of diet: Sandy the QT Pie (a la mode).

Wednesday- Soccer. Played two games- had a fall in the mud. Super dirty. People staring on the subway home. Always satisfied after soccer.

Thursday- today! A break. Came home, made some chicken. Done. feel like I could go to sleep at 9:30. Maybe I will.


This close to having a working i-phone. Pretty durn exciting except Telus is being turdy and taking their sweet time to transfer my phone number over. So no phone right now and can’t talk to anyone. (STOP! Hermit time)


So much hanging out with lovelies. Getting back to the gym and to dance class. I swear it’s so stress-relieving, I could do it all day if it didn’t turn me into a snivelling whiner the next day.

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