This puts pickles on a whole ‘nother level.

Holla at y’all.

So, the past couple of days have been lovely and busy for me after work-wise. I’m used to coming home to a sad plate of cold cuts and cheese, flickin on the ole tube and vegging for a thousand years until bed time, but because it’s such a lonely existence at my house right now, I feel inclined to get out more before I start feeding stray cats and buying them clothes. (I’m sure that made sense, yes?)

So, on Tuesday, Ms. Claire had the car at her leisure so we picked up Sara and went down to the Beach for a while. Frankly, there’s not much you can do on the beach at 6 pm whilst not being prepared for beaching, but you can scope the hotties, talk gossip and have an iced tea at the Boardwalk Cafe which is exactly what Sara, Claire and I did. Then it was a surprise journey to meet Jazzy, Vix, Sonia and Eileen for dinner at Allen’s on the Danforth. From out front, it looks like your average pub but once you get through to the back patio, it becomes a fairy-lit, giant treed wonderland. They also had Waupoos on tap so they win. They also only employ British/Irish people I’m convinced. Also, Jeanne Beker was there, so it must be good.

On Wednesday, I played a soccer game where I could have been the ultimate tie-making goal scorer hero that would have put us back on the map but I choked last second leaving us the losers as usual. Oh well. Drowned my sorrows in a flat iron steak salad at The Blake House on Jarvis. Actually really yummy. Also Waupoos on tap. Hey- wonder why my diet’s not working? Damn you Waupoos temptation!!

Today was getting my hair did, which I was super excited about. I go to Roxanne at Karma Kollective on Carlaw between Queen and Dundas. It’s super pretty in there, the head massage is coma-inducing and I left leaving purty as a peach. I did notice, however, that because I never actually blow dry (or do anything) to my hair these days, I never realized how long it actually is when it’s straight. And with the new blonde, I kind of remind myself of a sassy J-Woww Guidette type. If you don’t get that reference, good. Continue living a fruitful, healthy life.


Too much Waupoos. (Possible? No)


Too much Waupoos.
My fancy new hair. I love going to get my hair did. It’s just like the spa but the results last longer. Plus it allows me to produce a new-hair, Jersey-Shore themed photo shoot with myself. (It’s literally like I’m the least vain person on Earth, wouldn’t you say?)

2 thoughts on “This puts pickles on a whole ‘nother level.

  1. Love the hair – so blonde!! Watch out Angelina! I heard recently that cider is good for you because of the apples – and that apple cider vinegar gets your metabolism going – so maybe cider does too! Oh – and I want that steak salad!!!

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