Birds be chillin.

Wow, it’s been a while! How are you? That’s great.

I’ve been slightly sadder lately due to the absence of one Mr. Jamie, but at least I can sleep OK now. I had a complex process of leaving the TV on at night to create random noise that I wasn’t scared of, and then I would put a pillowcase over the screen to block the light. I am the bravest, I know.
But no longer! I can now sleep like a regular old person. BE PROUD OF ME.

On Thursday (correct, one million years ago) the gals came over to watch the season premiere of Jersey Shore. It was Epic. There was Waupoos. There was a downloaded Jersey Shore soundtrack. And there was massive fist pumping to Enrique.

On Friday, Celeste and I went out dancing around Ossington and I wore Prossy shoes. You have to every once in a while or people start to confuse you with the Amish. This is le fact. So dancing was super fun but my feet still aren’t speaking to me. They believe they were unfairly mistreated, which is true. After dancing as we were leaving, a strange/interesting man named Christian came up to us to ask us a harmless question and 40 seconds later, we were all best friends and we all went to the Lakeview for food. (Pie, in my case.) Christian had many stories about being a lone wolf, growing up on a Tobacco farm but living in Germany, knowing archery and being a technologic recluse. The technologic recluse part was sad because now we can’t find him on the internet the way you would expect to be able to find anyone these days. He also had made a matchbook storybook where he wrote a word on each match and then every time he used a match, the ones left in the book would tell a different story. He was like a Belgian Kerouac.

Saturday was hanging out with Katie, eating brunch and going shopping. Fun times always. That night was watching chick flicks (The Sweetest Thing and Drop Dead Gorgeous) with Monica while polishing off a Cave Springs Riesling and Eating noodles. Also super fun. And comfy and lazy.

Sunday was a me aloney on my owney day- I went to the St. Lawrence Market to the antique market and I was going to go across the street to the south side market for mustard and dinner and such but it was closed for a private party! Who closes the entire St. Lawrence Market for a private party?? Possibly Tom Cruise as he is in town…

So instead, I treated myself to a luxurious and totally extravagant meal at Le Papillon on Front- Amazing French Restaurant. I would recommend for fancy dates. Or you know, pathetically eating by yourself while reading your book- either one. I had garlic shrimp and their famous French Onion Soup. And then I had a wheelbarrow come around the side to pick me up and distribute me to the streetcar. Carbs are ending tomorrow. Long weekends, you suck (read: are awesome).

and now- I will watch Harry Potter in my underpants. Ha! I bet you thought I was going to do something exciting! Fooled you… Losers…

Not sticking to my diet AT ALL this weekend. Oh well, if I was hit by a bus tomorrow, I’d rather be fat and happy. And also, the fatter I am, the less likely it is that the bus will actually kill me (padding and such).

It’s been a real ladies week- I do love lady things. Watching chick flicks, going dancing with just girlfriends, and not for (their) purpose of finding boys/girls to make out with but just to dance for funsies cuz it’s fun. Brunch with ladies, fist pumping with ladies, ladies ladies ladies. and Pie.

One thought on “Birds be chillin.

  1. Love the photos of the antique market, especially the basket of Russian dolls! Your bored photos are great too-get bored-be creative! And you could totally make postcards from your flower pics.

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