Over The Top

This weekend began with an after work Waupoos at The Dominion on Queen where I spoke to my hero, Deborah from Video on Trial. I told her I’d buy her a beer after her set and she said she would come out to the patio and find me but she never made it out there…I’m sure she had to fend off her indoor admirers…The night capped off with some delicious french fries with a yummy jalepeno mayo and an intense round of arm wrestling. I beat every one of them. Don’t let them tell you any different.

Saturday was spent hiding from the rain and going to see a movie followed by a birthday party at The Courthouse where the craziest lady I’ve ever met nearly exploded with insane nonsensical rage and I had to narrowly escape the clutches if this evil beast. It was biblical. Luckily I escaped to Voglie on Church where my lezzie ladies were far less crazy which is something not usually said about lesbians.

Sunday was a suuuuper late sleep in followed by brekkies and a book (starting to read Big Sur) and then an impromptu Kensington market street party with Claire. There were a million different musicians/bands playing in the streets and there was a ton of street food for sale. I however only bought a delicious caramelized onion and garlic chutney for the cheese plate I was preparing for later (I am secretly Martha Stewart). We ran into Glyde and Steve at the Army Surplus store and we made them come to eat dinner with us. We had several Mojito pitchers and I had steak and asparagus. YUM.

Steve was lovely enough to drive Claire, Glyde and I back to my place where we met up with Kari, sat down with a cheese plate of goodness and soaked up the first episode of Mad Men season 4. Good stuff.

Now it’s Monday, and I’m sleepy but Claire is coming over to watch movies. I may force her to participate in a slumber party themed photo shoot. Goodnight.


Smelly dreadlocks. So many in Kensington. I’m sorry if you have dreads. I don’t mean to insult but…you are clearly and unavoidably smelly.


I got a bit of sun yesterday and I feel like Penelope Cruz. Golden and bronze. (Just kidding- I’m more like an albino with a sunburn. Actually that’s incredibly astute.)

3 thoughts on “Over The Top

  1. I totally thought I was the only person left on earth that still watched Video on Trial….and laughed. I am so impressed.

  2. That was fun! I love Kensington Market, but we’ve never been there with this much action! Glyde is a very pretty girl! With a very cool name! M-m-m-m-mojitos – wish I was helping drink that pitcher!

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