It runs in the family…but then it walks because it’s tired.

I forgot about some photos I took of my Mom’s stamping room when I was at home.

This room defies the laws of physics. When you think it just can’t hold any more, you can always find a nook or cranny to stick another stamp.
My mom has always been very artistic and I grew up with her constantly creating. Her mother, my Grandma, is also an artist and the both of them influenced me greatly as a young one.
Although I consider myself pretty creative, I think the natural artistic talent in our genes ended with my mom. My creativity appears more as genius ideas (clearly) and unmatchable wit (not). I love to paint and draw and whatnot, but I don’t think I’m naturally very good at it. (Please recall Drink and Draw where I gave up on real life models and chose to draw a giant cartoon dragon instead). I think this is the reason I’m in such awe of their work. They both have a way of sitting down and working on a project until it’s finished that my easily distracted brain just can’t handle. So here it is: Ode to my mom’s stamping room.

P.S. If you feel like it, you can check out my Mom’s Art Blog and my Grandma’s website. Just for funsies.


Eating ham and salad for dinner watching Police Women of Memphis. Never do that.


Got my first real mani/pedi of the summer! Yay sandals! (I snuck a couple of photos in there…)

One thought on “It runs in the family…but then it walks because it’s tired.

  1. It was fun seeing my stamping room from your eyes! The photo of your fav stamps – also mine! And as far as creative talent goes, you have just as much if not more than I do, just manifested in a different way. You go girl!

    Your mani-pedi looks great, wish I could have gone too!

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