Dude looks like a lady…

So yesterday was a fancy time in Kingston town.

First The family gals and I went to Pan Chancho for lunch where I made decision to not care about carbs at all for a day. Their frites aoli are the best ever and I could not resist them.

Then it was birthday shopping and out to Gananoque where the ominous clouds finally erupted into an all-out gale right after we were comfortably situated inside the restaurant. The lights flickered, the power went out for half an hour and I got to watch a thunder/lightening storm out floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake- AMAZING!
Super good time. I felt bad for the wedding party though… they were probably supposed to be outside…

Food was delish at The Gananoque Inn and the rain stopped right before we left- perfect timing!

Then we saw a play at The Thousand Islands Playhouse called Blood Brothers. Supposedly in London, it’s one of the longest running plays ever…it was actually pretty good. I was impressed. Makes me want to go back into musical theatre. Until I see a terrible musical. In which case I will be glad all over again that I got out of it.


Not much. Good times all around. Except I have to go back to T.O. today. Always happy/sad about that…


Best food I have eaten in one million years. I love carbs. But I’m paying for it today. ouch. Back to no carbs.

2 thoughts on “Dude looks like a lady…

  1. Yay for the Gananoque playhouse! I spent childhood summers seeing musicals there… such a cool theatre. Are there still all different sorts of hats in the bathroom?

    • Yes! I’m so sad I didn’t take pictures of them! I thought of it, but then realized I would be taken photos in the women’s washroom. Which I concluded was a bad idea. My parents have season tickets so I try to go every time I’m down in the summer.

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