In The Land of Limestone

Well, I’m in Kingston. Bus ride went smoothly. I fell asleep for most of it thanks to my trusty amazing travel pillow. I also amused myself with food and literature. The most annoying part of the entire experience was the terrible video they played on repeat the whole way. It was a mixture of advertising for Canada tourism, “Did You Know?!” factoids, traveler’s tips and “fun photos”.
The Canadian tourism section focused mainly on a moose-themed comedy show in Niagara Falls, the factoids were primarily about American baseball players, and the fun photos were not fun, they were scary.

Today should be fun as I’m going to Pan Chancho for lunch with the fam, then birthday shopping for my Dad and then later out to dinner and a play in Gananoque- I get to wear my new value village dress and be a girl for a while. Tee hee!


Reason #72 for taking the train: When you take the train, you may wait for the train inside in the Air Conditioning. When you take a bus, you stand outside in the blazing heat in a smelly walkway next to smelly people, therefore becoming smelly yourself.

After falling asleep on my travel pillow, I had giant forehead marks where my glasses dented my skin. Hot.


my meal on the bus (go round and round?). I love taking a bunch of little things and mixing them to make dinner. This was not my healthiest of meals, but it was yummy- fruit salad, cashews, gouda, chocolate milk. Yum.

When I got home, my Mom had gone out and bought me a cider (Peeler) because of how often I rant about cider these days. aaw Mom. I drank it in the bathtub. Booyah.

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