Waupoos In The Park

Today after work, I had planned to go to Jazzy’s house with a couple of ciders I wanted to try. Unfortunately, unforseen circumstances resulted in the cancellation of said event. Therefore at the end of the day, I had nothing to do and 2 ciders in my bag. Luckily, my good friend Andrew stepped up to the plate and off we went after work to Waupoos in the park.

Actually, technically we were not Waupoosing as the ciders in question were not Waupoos, but the following:
-Blackthorn English Apple Cider
-William’s Sir Perry- Traditional English Style Perry (Explain that to me- what is a Perry exactly…?)

I had the Pear-flavoured one and guess what? It tasted like apple. Way to go, “Perry”. Despite not being the unusual flavour I expected, it was delicious.

Andrew had the Blackthorn (although I had a taste- also tasted like apple) and I believe he was satisfied with the result. In the end, the result was drinking at 6pm in a park, so how could one not be satisfied?

The sun was shining, the dogs were barking and the ciders was sparkling, but it’s still a school night, so we parted ways. That’s when I went to Value Village and had a shopping spree. Although financially, a shopping spree at Value Village is like buying one see-through tank top at Urban Outfitters, so it was guilt-free.


-Drunk man at Value Village who was convinced the cashier was his ex-wife. Heartbreaking.
-Making my salad dressing too vinegary. My tongue is white.
-Doing the dishes. blech.
-Price for Bus tickets online doubled in 2 days. Megabus? Megabusted for being stupid. BURN.


-Thai food for lunch.
-Hopping on a bus to Kingston tomorrow!
-DUH. Waupoos in the park. (For those who are confused, Waupoos can be used as noun, verb, adjective, warning, war-cry, etc. It is the best word. Period. Doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. Ever.)

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