And then there was one…

This is my emo post. Be warned.

At this time i have metaphorical asymmetrical black hair, a lip ring and chipped black nail polish on only a few of my fingers. I am listening to Elliot Smith. (Only in my metaphorical emo world- in real life I’m listening to The Big Chill soundtrack)

Today, Jamie left to go to Edmonton for a month to shoot a documentary so I am left here all aloney on my owney. I am sad today because I haven’t gotten used to it, but the truth is that I don’t mind being by myself. As an only child, I have trained for this my whole life. I enjoy going out to eat/ read my book or to a movie or to wonder aimlessly around the hood on my own. It’s healthy to not have to be around someone 24/7 and in fact, there are several things which I will be able to do while he is gone that I may not have otherwise been able to do so easily. Here is my account of the silver lining on the Jamie in Edmonton cloud:

-I will go to the gym more (I won’t but I like to think I’ll try)
-I will watch shows on TV that Jamie whines about when I force him to watch them such as Cake Boss, Kate Plus 8 (Sorry Jon), 4 Weddings (anyone sensing a theme…?)
-I will eat food that Jamie hates (Artichokes- yum!, pickles, olives, fish and shrimp, and if I was eating carbs I would also get yorkshire puddings) (And actually, Jamie likes Yorkshire puddings too, I just really want one right now. With gravy. That has FLOUR in it…)
-I will hang out with my ladies more. (holla!)

So, get ready for some amazing, not sad and pathetic at all posts. They’re coming. Wait for it…


Clearly, Jamie goes to Edmonton! But more specifically, I’ve gotten so used to him being here at night that now I have trouble sleeping when he’s gone. Like I get scared of the Air Conditioner…It sounds like tiny screams!

Still getting used to new glasses prescriptions. I can tell they’re correct now, but I still have really bad depth perception. Today I made a big deal about bracing myself as I jumped out of the bus on to the sidewalk which looked about a thousand miles away when clearly it was 1 inch from my foot. Smooth.


Won my soccer game!
Going to Kingston on Friday for my Dad’s birthday!
Looks like my home-made fruit fly trap is working. Now I will teach them to sew and start my fruit-fly sweatshop for v-neck t shirts. You’re just jealous you didn’t think of it first.

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