In a blind man’s world, I’d be King.

So, first of all, sorry for the lack of posts! No excuse- just got lazy for a while which I do often. Good thing a bunch of stuff happened this weekend!

Jamie and I started out Friday night with some low-key balcony chillin. We ordered Indian food (Saag Paneer is my best friend) and read our books and listened to Led Zeppelin on the ipod machine. The next day I woke up extraordinarily early for a Saturday to go play in a soccer tournament. We had lots of fun but clearly it was too early for all of us and we ended up losing our first two games and therefore the tournament ended for us around noon.

Then it was off with Jamie to IKEA and Sherway Gardens where I finally cracked and bought new glasses. They are Burberry therefore I am a lady now. When the woman at the store gave them to me, I tried them on and thought something was funky, but she said just to wear them for a week and see if I got used to them. After 10 minutes of wanting to barf, I knew something was weird. I took them back today- apparently the optometrist wrote the wrong numbers on the prescription. She put the left eye number in the right eye box and vice versa, so I was a wonky one-eyed woman all last night- no wonder I fell over a lot…or was that the Strongbow?

Anyway- back to Saturday- we bought a lovely office organizer contraption which has made it possible to store items of use somewhere other than:
-on the floor
-under chairs
-on chairs
-on other items of use until it creates a giant pile of craziness.
-in the garbage because I’m sick of tripping on it…

Jamie spent all Saturday night putting this thing together with his manly builderness.

While Jamie battled Sweden, I went to see a play called “Come Tumbling Down” written by and starring my friend, Blain Watters. I went with foxy Kingston ladies, Kate and Sandy and it was amazing. I’m a very tough play critic and i thought it was wicked good. Afterwards a bunch of us went out for celebratory drinks where I learned that all ciders are my friends. Even Strongbow.

On Sunday, we started sorting through all the office crap, putting it in the new contraption. I also went to get my glasses changed- I do feel less like barfing now- and while I was in the Dundas Square area, Spain won the World Cup and caused commotion aplenty.

Now, we shall BBQ a chicken and eat it. Goodnight.


Clearly, my face while I was wearing effed up glasses all yesterday. I probably looked like puke central all day. Sorry to anyone who was near me.

Crazy woman waiting for the bathroom at Tim Horton’s during the tournament who was all “Rugby? Really? Rugby?” And we were all “…soccer…” and she was all “Whatever.”

Lady at Chapters who told me I couldn’t get to Lenscrafters (15 seconds away) through the kids section door because it was already locked. As soon as I turned around, another employee asked her for the keys and let herself out. rude.


Seeing folks from memories past- always a good time catching up, hearing stories about runaway horses and milk snake roommates.

My Sookie Stackhouse books. After finishing Crime and Punishment a couple of weeks ago, it now takes me approximately 6 cumulative hours to read these books.

Saag Paneer (lucky that my favourite Indian dish also contains very few carbs. Take that, THIGHS!)

Car rides home! Big ups to all the car owners out there. You know who you are.

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