Fireworks and Rainbows

So, that was the longest weekend ever.

It started with with a trip to Collingwood to visit Jamie’s Aunt and Uncle and for rest and relaxation. On Canada Day, I went to le Spa Scandinave (ooh fancy schmancy) while Jamie and his Aunt Laura went golfing. Going to the spa consists of laying around in the sun and then going for dips in the cold pools, then in the hot pools several times until the toxins in your body are so relaxed that they voluntarily exit your system when you ask politely.
Then I got an hour long massage which is always great, but this time slightly creepy due to the fact that my masseuse was a bit of a mouth breather. Then I have a healthy poolside snack and read my book in the giant comfy chairs in the lounge. I love it there because it’s all foresty and smells like campfire and the inside looks like a log cabin.
After the day’s activities, we all met up to go to the fireworks. The next day was a trip to Thornbury for me where I did a little shopping and eating and strolling and reading. Jamie and Laura did a little more golfing. I will learn to golf soon, I promise.

The next day we head back to Toronto where I mentally and physically prepared for Pride- The Gay Christmas. I warned Jamie he may not set eyes on me for the next 3 days and took off into the Gay night.

The pics down below are a small sampling of amazing Pride activities. On Sunday, Claire hosted a lovely Kegger/BBQ with Sonia as the head chef extraordinaire (amazing chicken wings). This was before we strolled out to the parade. I didn’t get a ton of pictures at the parade because in order to jump up and down maniacally attempting to catch beads and free things being thrown from the parade floats I had to limit the number of items I had on my person, including my camera. In the end I received: one bud light lime bead string, one stag shop necklace thing, one bud light lime bikini top, one bottle opener key chain, a smattering of free candy and several free condoms. All in all, I was proud of my achievements. Then it was on to: More keg beer, drag show, corn on the cob, poutine, concert in a park with People You Know and Diamond Rings, O’Grady’s for dinner and beer, more keg beer, constant techno dancing/ninja kicks, trolling Church street and ultimately sitting on the curb watching Pride come to a close whilst eating salt and pepper cashews. Just like poetry. Happy Gay Day to all!

One mean girl who was mean. I got over it though. Also sunburnt legs to the max!
Also, it just took me 6 hours to post this as right before I was about to publish it, the power went out all over Toronto- Yay!

So many great things about this weekend. I had serious high expectations for these past few days as they’re probably the closest thing I’ll get to a summer vacation and my expectations were totally surpassed. Good relaxing times in Collingwood, good party times at Pride. Good times all around. But clearly the highlight was the corn on the cob. I wait all year for that shit.

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