Over The Top

This weekend began with an after work Waupoos at The Dominion on Queen where I spoke to my hero, Deborah from Video on Trial. I told her I’d buy her a beer after her set and she said she would come out to the patio and find me but she never made it out there…I’m sure she had to fend off her indoor admirers…The night capped off with some delicious french fries with a yummy jalepeno mayo and an intense round of arm wrestling. I beat every one of them. Don’t let them tell you any different.

Saturday was spent hiding from the rain and going to see a movie followed by a birthday party at The Courthouse where the craziest lady I’ve ever met nearly exploded with insane nonsensical rage and I had to narrowly escape the clutches if this evil beast. It was biblical. Luckily I escaped to Voglie on Church where my lezzie ladies were far less crazy which is something not usually said about lesbians.

Sunday was a suuuuper late sleep in followed by brekkies and a book (starting to read Big Sur) and then an impromptu Kensington market street party with Claire. There were a million different musicians/bands playing in the streets and there was a ton of street food for sale. I however only bought a delicious caramelized onion and garlic chutney for the cheese plate I was preparing for later (I am secretly Martha Stewart). We ran into Glyde and Steve at the Army Surplus store and we made them come to eat dinner with us. We had several Mojito pitchers and I had steak and asparagus. YUM.

Steve was lovely enough to drive Claire, Glyde and I back to my place where we met up with Kari, sat down with a cheese plate of goodness and soaked up the first episode of Mad Men season 4. Good stuff.

Now it’s Monday, and I’m sleepy but Claire is coming over to watch movies. I may force her to participate in a slumber party themed photo shoot. Goodnight.


Smelly dreadlocks. So many in Kensington. I’m sorry if you have dreads. I don’t mean to insult but…you are clearly and unavoidably smelly.


I got a bit of sun yesterday and I feel like Penelope Cruz. Golden and bronze. (Just kidding- I’m more like an albino with a sunburn. Actually that’s incredibly astute.)

It runs in the family…but then it walks because it’s tired.

I forgot about some photos I took of my Mom’s stamping room when I was at home.

This room defies the laws of physics. When you think it just can’t hold any more, you can always find a nook or cranny to stick another stamp.
My mom has always been very artistic and I grew up with her constantly creating. Her mother, my Grandma, is also an artist and the both of them influenced me greatly as a young one.
Although I consider myself pretty creative, I think the natural artistic talent in our genes ended with my mom. My creativity appears more as genius ideas (clearly) and unmatchable wit (not). I love to paint and draw and whatnot, but I don’t think I’m naturally very good at it. (Please recall Drink and Draw where I gave up on real life models and chose to draw a giant cartoon dragon instead). I think this is the reason I’m in such awe of their work. They both have a way of sitting down and working on a project until it’s finished that my easily distracted brain just can’t handle. So here it is: Ode to my mom’s stamping room.

P.S. If you feel like it, you can check out my Mom’s Art Blog and my Grandma’s website. Just for funsies.


Eating ham and salad for dinner watching Police Women of Memphis. Never do that.


Got my first real mani/pedi of the summer! Yay sandals! (I snuck a couple of photos in there…)

Dude looks like a lady…

So yesterday was a fancy time in Kingston town.

First The family gals and I went to Pan Chancho for lunch where I made decision to not care about carbs at all for a day. Their frites aoli are the best ever and I could not resist them.

Then it was birthday shopping and out to Gananoque where the ominous clouds finally erupted into an all-out gale right after we were comfortably situated inside the restaurant. The lights flickered, the power went out for half an hour and I got to watch a thunder/lightening storm out floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake- AMAZING!
Super good time. I felt bad for the wedding party though… they were probably supposed to be outside…

Food was delish at The Gananoque Inn and the rain stopped right before we left- perfect timing!

Then we saw a play at The Thousand Islands Playhouse called Blood Brothers. Supposedly in London, it’s one of the longest running plays ever…it was actually pretty good. I was impressed. Makes me want to go back into musical theatre. Until I see a terrible musical. In which case I will be glad all over again that I got out of it.


Not much. Good times all around. Except I have to go back to T.O. today. Always happy/sad about that…


Best food I have eaten in one million years. I love carbs. But I’m paying for it today. ouch. Back to no carbs.

In The Land of Limestone

Well, I’m in Kingston. Bus ride went smoothly. I fell asleep for most of it thanks to my trusty amazing travel pillow. I also amused myself with food and literature. The most annoying part of the entire experience was the terrible video they played on repeat the whole way. It was a mixture of advertising for Canada tourism, “Did You Know?!” factoids, traveler’s tips and “fun photos”.
The Canadian tourism section focused mainly on a moose-themed comedy show in Niagara Falls, the factoids were primarily about American baseball players, and the fun photos were not fun, they were scary.

Today should be fun as I’m going to Pan Chancho for lunch with the fam, then birthday shopping for my Dad and then later out to dinner and a play in Gananoque- I get to wear my new value village dress and be a girl for a while. Tee hee!


Reason #72 for taking the train: When you take the train, you may wait for the train inside in the Air Conditioning. When you take a bus, you stand outside in the blazing heat in a smelly walkway next to smelly people, therefore becoming smelly yourself.

After falling asleep on my travel pillow, I had giant forehead marks where my glasses dented my skin. Hot.


my meal on the bus (go round and round?). I love taking a bunch of little things and mixing them to make dinner. This was not my healthiest of meals, but it was yummy- fruit salad, cashews, gouda, chocolate milk. Yum.

When I got home, my Mom had gone out and bought me a cider (Peeler) because of how often I rant about cider these days. aaw Mom. I drank it in the bathtub. Booyah.

Waupoos In The Park

Today after work, I had planned to go to Jazzy’s house with a couple of ciders I wanted to try. Unfortunately, unforseen circumstances resulted in the cancellation of said event. Therefore at the end of the day, I had nothing to do and 2 ciders in my bag. Luckily, my good friend Andrew stepped up to the plate and off we went after work to Waupoos in the park.

Actually, technically we were not Waupoosing as the ciders in question were not Waupoos, but the following:
-Blackthorn English Apple Cider
-William’s Sir Perry- Traditional English Style Perry (Explain that to me- what is a Perry exactly…?)

I had the Pear-flavoured one and guess what? It tasted like apple. Way to go, “Perry”. Despite not being the unusual flavour I expected, it was delicious.

Andrew had the Blackthorn (although I had a taste- also tasted like apple) and I believe he was satisfied with the result. In the end, the result was drinking at 6pm in a park, so how could one not be satisfied?

The sun was shining, the dogs were barking and the ciders was sparkling, but it’s still a school night, so we parted ways. That’s when I went to Value Village and had a shopping spree. Although financially, a shopping spree at Value Village is like buying one see-through tank top at Urban Outfitters, so it was guilt-free.


-Drunk man at Value Village who was convinced the cashier was his ex-wife. Heartbreaking.
-Making my salad dressing too vinegary. My tongue is white.
-Doing the dishes. blech.
-Price for Bus tickets online doubled in 2 days. Megabus? Megabusted for being stupid. BURN.


-Thai food for lunch.
-Hopping on a bus to Kingston tomorrow!
-DUH. Waupoos in the park. (For those who are confused, Waupoos can be used as noun, verb, adjective, warning, war-cry, etc. It is the best word. Period. Doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. Ever.)

And then there was one…

This is my emo post. Be warned.

At this time i have metaphorical asymmetrical black hair, a lip ring and chipped black nail polish on only a few of my fingers. I am listening to Elliot Smith. (Only in my metaphorical emo world- in real life I’m listening to The Big Chill soundtrack)

Today, Jamie left to go to Edmonton for a month to shoot a documentary so I am left here all aloney on my owney. I am sad today because I haven’t gotten used to it, but the truth is that I don’t mind being by myself. As an only child, I have trained for this my whole life. I enjoy going out to eat/ read my book or to a movie or to wonder aimlessly around the hood on my own. It’s healthy to not have to be around someone 24/7 and in fact, there are several things which I will be able to do while he is gone that I may not have otherwise been able to do so easily. Here is my account of the silver lining on the Jamie in Edmonton cloud:

-I will go to the gym more (I won’t but I like to think I’ll try)
-I will watch shows on TV that Jamie whines about when I force him to watch them such as Cake Boss, Kate Plus 8 (Sorry Jon), 4 Weddings (anyone sensing a theme…?)
-I will eat food that Jamie hates (Artichokes- yum!, pickles, olives, fish and shrimp, and if I was eating carbs I would also get yorkshire puddings) (And actually, Jamie likes Yorkshire puddings too, I just really want one right now. With gravy. That has FLOUR in it…)
-I will hang out with my ladies more. (holla!)

So, get ready for some amazing, not sad and pathetic at all posts. They’re coming. Wait for it…


Clearly, Jamie goes to Edmonton! But more specifically, I’ve gotten so used to him being here at night that now I have trouble sleeping when he’s gone. Like I get scared of the Air Conditioner…It sounds like tiny screams!

Still getting used to new glasses prescriptions. I can tell they’re correct now, but I still have really bad depth perception. Today I made a big deal about bracing myself as I jumped out of the bus on to the sidewalk which looked about a thousand miles away when clearly it was 1 inch from my foot. Smooth.


Won my soccer game!
Going to Kingston on Friday for my Dad’s birthday!
Looks like my home-made fruit fly trap is working. Now I will teach them to sew and start my fruit-fly sweatshop for v-neck t shirts. You’re just jealous you didn’t think of it first.

In a blind man’s world, I’d be King.

So, first of all, sorry for the lack of posts! No excuse- just got lazy for a while which I do often. Good thing a bunch of stuff happened this weekend!

Jamie and I started out Friday night with some low-key balcony chillin. We ordered Indian food (Saag Paneer is my best friend) and read our books and listened to Led Zeppelin on the ipod machine. The next day I woke up extraordinarily early for a Saturday to go play in a soccer tournament. We had lots of fun but clearly it was too early for all of us and we ended up losing our first two games and therefore the tournament ended for us around noon.

Then it was off with Jamie to IKEA and Sherway Gardens where I finally cracked and bought new glasses. They are Burberry therefore I am a lady now. When the woman at the store gave them to me, I tried them on and thought something was funky, but she said just to wear them for a week and see if I got used to them. After 10 minutes of wanting to barf, I knew something was weird. I took them back today- apparently the optometrist wrote the wrong numbers on the prescription. She put the left eye number in the right eye box and vice versa, so I was a wonky one-eyed woman all last night- no wonder I fell over a lot…or was that the Strongbow?

Anyway- back to Saturday- we bought a lovely office organizer contraption which has made it possible to store items of use somewhere other than:
-on the floor
-under chairs
-on chairs
-on other items of use until it creates a giant pile of craziness.
-in the garbage because I’m sick of tripping on it…

Jamie spent all Saturday night putting this thing together with his manly builderness.

While Jamie battled Sweden, I went to see a play called “Come Tumbling Down” written by and starring my friend, Blain Watters. I went with foxy Kingston ladies, Kate and Sandy and it was amazing. I’m a very tough play critic and i thought it was wicked good. Afterwards a bunch of us went out for celebratory drinks where I learned that all ciders are my friends. Even Strongbow.

On Sunday, we started sorting through all the office crap, putting it in the new contraption. I also went to get my glasses changed- I do feel less like barfing now- and while I was in the Dundas Square area, Spain won the World Cup and caused commotion aplenty.

Now, we shall BBQ a chicken and eat it. Goodnight.


Clearly, my face while I was wearing effed up glasses all yesterday. I probably looked like puke central all day. Sorry to anyone who was near me.

Crazy woman waiting for the bathroom at Tim Horton’s during the tournament who was all “Rugby? Really? Rugby?” And we were all “…soccer…” and she was all “Whatever.”

Lady at Chapters who told me I couldn’t get to Lenscrafters (15 seconds away) through the kids section door because it was already locked. As soon as I turned around, another employee asked her for the keys and let herself out. rude.


Seeing folks from memories past- always a good time catching up, hearing stories about runaway horses and milk snake roommates.

My Sookie Stackhouse books. After finishing Crime and Punishment a couple of weeks ago, it now takes me approximately 6 cumulative hours to read these books.

Saag Paneer (lucky that my favourite Indian dish also contains very few carbs. Take that, THIGHS!)

Car rides home! Big ups to all the car owners out there. You know who you are.

Fireworks and Rainbows

So, that was the longest weekend ever.

It started with with a trip to Collingwood to visit Jamie’s Aunt and Uncle and for rest and relaxation. On Canada Day, I went to le Spa Scandinave (ooh fancy schmancy) while Jamie and his Aunt Laura went golfing. Going to the spa consists of laying around in the sun and then going for dips in the cold pools, then in the hot pools several times until the toxins in your body are so relaxed that they voluntarily exit your system when you ask politely.
Then I got an hour long massage which is always great, but this time slightly creepy due to the fact that my masseuse was a bit of a mouth breather. Then I have a healthy poolside snack and read my book in the giant comfy chairs in the lounge. I love it there because it’s all foresty and smells like campfire and the inside looks like a log cabin.
After the day’s activities, we all met up to go to the fireworks. The next day was a trip to Thornbury for me where I did a little shopping and eating and strolling and reading. Jamie and Laura did a little more golfing. I will learn to golf soon, I promise.

The next day we head back to Toronto where I mentally and physically prepared for Pride- The Gay Christmas. I warned Jamie he may not set eyes on me for the next 3 days and took off into the Gay night.

The pics down below are a small sampling of amazing Pride activities. On Sunday, Claire hosted a lovely Kegger/BBQ with Sonia as the head chef extraordinaire (amazing chicken wings). This was before we strolled out to the parade. I didn’t get a ton of pictures at the parade because in order to jump up and down maniacally attempting to catch beads and free things being thrown from the parade floats I had to limit the number of items I had on my person, including my camera. In the end I received: one bud light lime bead string, one stag shop necklace thing, one bud light lime bikini top, one bottle opener key chain, a smattering of free candy and several free condoms. All in all, I was proud of my achievements. Then it was on to: More keg beer, drag show, corn on the cob, poutine, concert in a park with People You Know and Diamond Rings, O’Grady’s for dinner and beer, more keg beer, constant techno dancing/ninja kicks, trolling Church street and ultimately sitting on the curb watching Pride come to a close whilst eating salt and pepper cashews. Just like poetry. Happy Gay Day to all!

One mean girl who was mean. I got over it though. Also sunburnt legs to the max!
Also, it just took me 6 hours to post this as right before I was about to publish it, the power went out all over Toronto- Yay!

So many great things about this weekend. I had serious high expectations for these past few days as they’re probably the closest thing I’ll get to a summer vacation and my expectations were totally surpassed. Good relaxing times in Collingwood, good party times at Pride. Good times all around. But clearly the highlight was the corn on the cob. I wait all year for that shit.