Up where the air is clear

Yesterday, I walked down my street and picked up a bunch of delicious items from various butchers/ cheese stores/ veggie and fruit markets, etc. It was good exercise because I walked all the way down to Queen, then started buying stuff and halfway back up the street, I was lugging around an extra 50 pounds (probably not, but I’m lazy). I’m trying a “let’s not eat carbs ALL the time” thing, so I got lots of protein stuff. And also yellow mangoes which are amazing and better than the stupid green ones. I also got raspberries which obviously got squished under all the heavy things in my bags because I am clearly a packing genius. So today for lunch I had me a little cheese/ cucumbers/olive tapenade wrap using deli meat (prosciutto and turkey) as the “bread”. If eating meat and cheese and olives all day is a diet, then call me Jenny Craig.

Then after work I was unexpectedly whisked away for a belated B-Day present from my friend Claire: our annual rooftop beverage at the Park Hyatt. I enjoy this as I get to pretend I’m a high roller. I never feel bad about wearing dirty smelly clothes there either because all the trust fund babies wear dirty smelly clothes also because they’re FILTHY rich. Let’s just say for 3 Apple Mojitos and 1 vodka soda between the 2 of us, it’s a good thing they supply us with a never ending supply of spiced olives, almonds and a kind of luxury chex mix. Otherwise it would be a rip off.
Nevertheless, it’s one of my favourite summer time traditions. Their bathrooms are also very fancy. I did take pictures in the bathroom. I hope that’s not illegal.

The following conversations overheard on the bus/subway today:

“OMG hi, how are you?”
“Where are you coming from right now”
“South Africa. Yah, I went to watch the (some soccer team)/ (some other soccer team) game.”
“Oh…no, I mean right now..”
“Oh. I was at Walmart. Sorry, I’m so used to people asking me how South Africa was. It was great.”

(In hushed voice) “Patrick, I need to find some underwear for tomorrow”
“I need…to find…some UNDERWEAR for tomorrow…”
“I can’t hear you…”
“Underpanties, Patrick, COME ON!”

Rooftop patio good times. Delicious, free olives, etc. Delicious mojitos. Summer in general. Mixed nuts.

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