Sweaty Wet / Dirty Damp

Yesterday, I awoke to the sound of rainy pitter patters on the roof. My plan to go on a solo breakfast mission had been sabotaged, so I thought I’d make breakfast which I NEVER do.
It turned out pretty good- I made an omelette-type thing (Is it an omelette when I just dump the eggs and some other stuff in a pan?) with mushrooms, green onion, havarti and dill. MMMM delicious. And I chopped up a mango to go with it. Mangoes are my favourite fruit. I also enjoy them in lassi and ice cream form.

This is the first weekend in a while where I really didn’t have anything to do, so I wanted to take advantage of my responsibility-to-no one day.
Originally I was going to go for breakfast, then down to the High Park pool for some chillaxing and whatnot, bathing in the sun to fix my skin transparency, but the rain squished my plans so my day turned into: Awesome day of girl things + nothing. This means I would watch many chick flicks, do my nails, possibly nap if I felt like it. Basically do whatever I wanted.

After my nails were did and my flicks were watched, I thought I should squeeze one productive thing into the day, so I did the dishes. Which led to cleaning the kitchen, which led to mopping the floor, which led to cleaning my entire apartment except for the bedroom which we now refer to as the Dead Zone. So, oops, I got some things done too, but that’s OK. I forgive myself.

At some point, I was alerted to the fact that Toronto was going up in flames, but at that point I was more worried about how I would get to my cheese snack after I mopped the kitchen floor. (Plan ahead…always plan ahead)

We were supposed to go the TFC game but it looked like getting there would require an umbrella and a gas mask, and we really weren’t all that committed, so we bailed. Which was fine because we had more time to Waupoos it up before Chris and Monica came over to eat Vietnamese and go to the crazy house party with us.

The party was pretty crazy, I have to say. Although whoever was supposed to be checking the “list” keep wandering away, so it wasn’t the steel vault of security we expected. Good times were had dancing to BOTH DJs (yes there were two- but only one had been flown in from Germany). The place was pretty insanely awesome- it’s a hidden gem at Queen and Lansdowne where the door looks like it leads to your death, but then you go up the stairs and it’s all 16 foot ceilings and crazy lighting. After we came home, we accidentally fell asleep on the couch, woke up to sun and crawled into the Dead Zone until 11. Exactly the way a Saturday should be.

– Boo rain spoiling my plans (but my Plan B plans were good so it’s not sooo ugly)
– Making us take off our outdoor shoes at the party = Sticky feet and socks for all.

Little things that I love to do on lazy weekends (that seem incredibly insignificant but that make the day awesome):
1. Bringing my duvet and pillow from the bedroom onto the couch where the big tv is and setting up a kind of “relaxation fort” where once you get comfy you literally could stay in that position until you have to pee.
2. Setting up a cornucopia of entertainment around me so nothing is never more than a one-arm reach. Magazine pile on my left, laptop on my lap (duh) DVDs laid out in order of viewing schedule, phone on my right, mani/pedi equipment in front of the couch, TV playing constant brain-garbage. Perfect.
3. Not showering until absolutely necessary.

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