When Two Become One

So, big week for disasters: Earthquakes, Tornadoes, the G 20 (budoomboom)(like the drums…)

On Wednesday, 2 Earthquakes occurred in Canada:

The first was a 5.0 Earthquake caused by a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust creating seismic waves. (Thank you Wikipedia).

The second was a metaphorical earthquake of the soul caused by the following:

My friend Chris and I accidentally showed up at work wearing the exact same outfit. How embarrassing. But for who???!! (Chris just happened to have the blonde wig…he did not show up at work like that. Although I would not put it past him.)

Perhaps I should stop buying unisex clothing. I am constantly under threat of becoming the next guest on What Not To Wear. Everyone I know agrees I could benefit. Truthfully, I would not mind $5,000 worth of new clothes. That kind of money could buy a lot of v-neck t-shirts.

Moving on…So it’s gearing up to be a pretty awesome/ strange weekend. Jamie and I are possibly going to the TFC game tomorrow where I will challenge David Beckham to an extreme soccer challenge where the winner gets to do an Armani photo shoot with Victoria Beckham. I am the guaranteed winner.
Also, we have been invited to a very random/ possibly interesting house party where there will be a bouncer (We had to RSVP for “the list”), a DJ being flown in from some European country and a cash bar in the house….I feel I will need to break out the glow sticks and rave it up to fit in.

I will report on my weekend findings once I have recovered. For now, it’s Treme time. (Belated season finale…Why John Goodman, Why!??)

Ugly: Chris and I as twins

Awesome: Chris and I as twins


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